Treatment & Prevention For A Calloused Heart

+-*My hands have callouses. Awhile back, I tried softening them up by following some home remedies I discovered while researching. One site advised to soak hands in warm water for 5 minutes then apply Vaseline. Although the rough areas are not completely gone, I can definitely tell a difference!

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12 Ways To Help Children Avoid Loneliness In The Ministry

+-*Loneliness is not confined to the ministry. Many are lonely today, and many children grow up in lonely situations, for many different reasons. The purpose of this post, however, is to give some insights into helping children deal with “ministerial loneliness” – ie, the kind of loneliness that comes because their parents are in the ministry

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Characteristics Of A Great Prayer Life

+-*CHRIST puts importunity as a distinguishing characteristic of true praying. We must not only pray, but we must also pray with great urgency, with intent­ness and with repetition. We must not only pray, but we must pray again and again. We must not get tired of praying.

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Dress Up Not Down To Go Soulwinning

+-*There are two or three things a soul winner ought to watch. A soul winner ought to always watch his odor. That is tremendously important. Not only watch about your body odor, but you ought to be careful about your breath. One thing that will hurt more than most anything else in soul winning is bad breath.

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