Monday, February 19, 2018

The Bible

Is A Digital Bible Still The Word Of God?

There has been a major shift over the past six years since the introduction of the Iphone and Android smartphones. From there we've been introduced to tablets and wearable technology that many use in their everyday lives.

How The Devil Tries To Discredit The Word Of God

This verse is pointing to the fact that the Bible cannot be permanently corrupted, it cannot be permanently altered because it lives and abides forever. Someone would say that this only applies to the Word of God as it is in heaven and therefore when it says it liveth and abideth forever that’s talking about the Word of God as it is in Heaven.

Christian Living

God's forgiveness

How To Get The Hindrances Removed When Your Prayers Aren’t Answered

Are your prayers hindered? Well, thank God, there is a remedy. The hindrances can be torn down. Even this very day you may feel again the smile of God's face and hear the whisper of His Spirit and know that there is nothing between you and God.

Abortion: Perhaps The Most Selfish Sin

  by Art Kohl Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have been inalienable rights protected by the laws and fathers of our country. (For 197...

A Friend Forever

When the Scriptures say he is my friend it means I have obtained possession of him as a friend.

God’s Plea to the Christian: Let’s Get Better Acquainted

A lot us know ABOUT God, but do we REALLY know God? Are we close to Him? Is He near to our hearts?

Marriage Helps

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Soulwinning Helps

The Principle of Church Ministries

Several years after Dr. Hyles had gone to Heaven I attended national pastors conference. At that conference the host pastor was touting to the gathered delegates the large number of new ministries they had started over the past year.
God's forgiveness

The Cost of Being a Soulwinner

by C.H. Spurgeon:  I WANT to say a word to you who are trying to bring souls to Jesus. You long and pray to...
God's forgiveness

5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Out Soulwinning

This one thing changed my soul-winning ministry. For example, people often take this little course, then call me on the phone to say, “Brother Hyles, it worked! It worked!” Sure it worked. Expect it to work.

How To Deal With Those Who Have Little Concern For Their Soul

by R. A. Torrey The largest class of men and women are those who have little or no concern about their salvation. There are some...

Ministry Helps

Something Is Wrong With Today’s Churches

by Jerry Hillenburg Churches have become worldly, fleshly, carnal, Spiritless places...where Christians have become cold, callus, indifferent, and passionless about the things of God.  Oh,...
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