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Self Deception

by Bruce Varner Man lies to himself and then believes the lie. The lies of Intellectualism are endless: We’re objective, We’re critical thinkers, We’re rational, We’re “scientific,” We’re REALISTS, We’re factual,... read more

Jesus Had Short Hair

by Jack Hyles Several years ago musical groups such as the Beatles presented to society a hair style that was new to our generation. Soon long-haired young men began to appear on our streets. The hippie movement adopted this hair style, as did the Jesus freaks and... read more


by Ronald Williams In most spheres of life, we welcome satandards. The provide safety, uniform levels of acceptable performance and guidelines for behavior. Take, for example, the manufacturer who is interested in selling a product on a long-term basis. Such an... read more

Stop Whining and Start Shining!

by Daren T. Dilts The American business culture has been built on the idea of customer service. Perhaps you have even been taught that “the customer is always right”. What has that done to the average American’s sense of self-centeredness? If we don’t get our way, the... read more






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