Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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3 Reasons Why I Wear Skirts Full-Time

As a little girl and as a lady, I have worn skirts and dresses full-time my entire life. I started doing it because my parents taught me to do so, and because it was expected of me by my pastors and church families.

Christian Living

Soulwinning Helps

A Heavenly Vision

I believe that God's servants should be in the hands of God, and I think that is what the Lord is talking about here.

In Soul Winning Confidence is Knowledge

Many people run into the obstacle of fear when going soul winning. When they go soul winning they are frightened of witnessing to strangers....

Marriage Helps

Christian Marriages And The Ashley Madison Scandal

Most of the time the straying spouses are good, well-meaning people who have drifted from their spouse and their relationship with God.
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