Friday, February 12, 2016

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Why I Still Wear A Tie To Church

by David Reagan In an age when shorts, sweatpants, and bare midriff (sometimes all at the same time) are considered acceptable attire for most churches,...

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How The Devil Tries To Discredit The Word Of God

This verse is pointing to the fact that the Bible cannot be permanently corrupted, it cannot be permanently altered because it lives and abides forever. Someone would say that this only applies to the Word of God as it is in heaven and therefore when it says it liveth and abideth forever that’s talking about the Word of God as it is in Heaven.

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He That Winneth Souls is Wise

Salvation by Grace

By: Curtis Hutson Excerpt from the sermon, "Things that Are Different Are Not The Same" Salvation by Grace and Salvation by Works, are not the...

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Christian Marriages And The Ashley Madison Scandal

Most of the time the straying spouses are good, well-meaning people who have drifted from their spouse and their relationship with God.

Help For The Hurt Of Divorce

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