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What You Can Do to Help a New Convert Grow

It is a very important element in soul winning for a person to go forward and make their decision public. They will certainly not grow if they will not take that first step of confessing Him openly as their Saviour.

The goal is to lead them down that aisle to openly confess Christ before men and see them enter those baptismal waters stating their decision to follow Christ. Some will do it without any hesitation but others may be less willing to do so. How can we better achieve that goal? Here are a few things that may help us get them off to this important first step so they can continue in growth.


1. Make certain that you have presented the gospel clearly and truly lead them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Many of those who fail to grow failed to truly understand salvation as well

2. It is imperative that you lead them to an assurance of their salvation that they might know without a doubt that they are saved.

3. Emphasize the eternal life. Help them realize that a new life has begun and that they are a new creation made to follow Jesus.

4. Explain the work of Christ interceding at the right hand of the Father for their sins.

5. Explain the sealing and indwelling of the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit came to live inside of them and their bodies became His Temple the moment they received Christ.

6. Emphasize the grace of God and the tremendous price that Jesus paid on Calvary. The debt we owe ought to be a motivating factor to lead us to openly confess him.

7. Help them to understand that they ought not to be ashamed of Jesus but ought to be willing to openly confess Him before men. Help them to understand that being ashamed of Jesus will lead Him to be ashamed of us before His Father.

8. Have them tell someone immediately upon their salvation what has happened in their life. Help them to immediately to begin to share it in order that they might not have a fear later.

9. Show them the biblical importance of baptism.

10. Get them to promise God that they will follow through by professing their faith and following the Lord in baptism.

11. Pick them up for church yourself. Don’t just ask them to meet you there. THEY WILL NOT COME. You must pick them up.

12. Keep in touch with them daily throughout the week. They are new converts. They are susceptible to anything that Satan light throw at them. You must be ready to help daily.

13. Explain in detail what exactly they will do when they make their public profession. Many times the fear of not knowing what’s going to happen causes them to hesitate.

14. Tell people of their decisions when they arrive at church and as you introduce them

15. Walk down the aisle with them personally in order to make it easier for them.

16. Encourage immediate baptism.

17. Make sure people immediately following the service come to them and welcome them and help see to it that every convert that makes a public profession is made to feel tremendously welcomed by God’s people.

18. Be aware of the fact that the battle has just begun. Satan will do everything he can to defeat that new convert.

19. Don’t give up.


20. Pray.

If we want to reach that new convert and truly have the concern to see them make that public profession it is a matter of how hard we are willing to work as to whether or not we will succeed. We may need to take a bit more time with them rather than just giving up if they at first resist. Remember, they are new Christians and we must be as patient with them as we would with a newborn baby.

by Christian Penn

Article submitted to IndependentBaptist.com

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