Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Marriage Helps

Redeeming the Time

"Would the hours we spend each day reflect what our true priorities should be?"

The Importance of Personal Integrity

"When we stand in front of the mirror tomorrow morning to prepare for the day, will we be looking at an honest Christian? Does the person in the mirror have personal integrity?"

Ministry Helps

How to Rise Above the Drama and Live for God

"Our world is filled with drama and distraction. We must never allow these things to come between us and God. We can rise above it all with God’s help."

Overcoming Common Hindrances to Soulwinning

"Did we tell someone about Jesus today? Why do we fail to tell the greatest story ever told?"

Parenting Helps

The Bible

What Bible Are You Reading?

by Rachel Harkins For the second time in just a few weeks, our county is under a "boil water advisory" due to a major equipment...

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Stories Behind The Hymns

Soulwinning Helps

Christian Living