Sunday, January 20, 2019

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Years ago I was running a sports league and ministry for sailors from Great Lakes Naval base when one weekend a boy came down to play who had a really bad attitude and simply would not cooperate with anything that we were trying to do.

Should Young Adults Date Before Going To College?

Multitudes of parents and teachers have observed a bright child academically excel in school and spiritually in his faith for several years and then become mediocre and apathetic in junior and senior high school. More alarming is the weakening of spiritual desire in this same child at about the same stage of life.

8 Ways To Help Raise Sensitive Boys

I would just like to throw a little bit of motherly advice out there for any moms who might be raising a boy who is sensitive, and by sensitive I mean emotional.

4 Things Your Child Will Remember About You 20 Years From Now

We work hard at giving our kids “stuff.” From electronics to the latest style of clothes, we ensure they have the very best we can possibly afford.

The Power of Praise in People’s Lives

Praise is a powerful tool. Have you ever gotten a new tool or gadget of some kind that only had a specific use so you had to look for opportunities to use it?

A New Generation of Independent Baptists: An Open Letter

Millennials are not looking for perfect people…Jesus already handled that. Millennials are looking for people to be real and honest about struggles and temptations.

Keep Your Family Close By Spending Time Together

My parents made sure our family did everything together. If one of us went for a walk around the lake, all of us went for a walk around the lake, If one us went to town for ice cream, the entire family was going to load up in the truck and go to town for ice cream.
Are We Teaching Our Kids Character

What Everyone Needs To Hear About Teaching Our Kids

by Dr. Ronald Hon I was shocked and amazed when I sat down and had a conversation with a friend. He knew personally someone whose...

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Tips For Telling Someone How To Go To Heaven

How To Always Be Prepared For Soulwinning

Personally I think it much better to carry a Testament than a Bible. Now do not be ashamed of the Bible, but if you plan to shoot a fellow, don’t carry your gun out in the open up to his house. The best thing to do is to conceal your weapon.

The Danger of Delay

Unbelief is the one sin for which Jesus did not die.

Sevenfold Sin of Not Winning Souls

By Dr. John R. Rice: My message is on the “Sevenfold Sin of Not Winning Souls.” I said sin! If you are a Christian...


by Christian Penn: One of the greatest needs of a soul winner is to have a great concern for each individual to whom he...

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