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Media Derangement Syndrome

"...the inability to sit still is quite tragic. The failure to develop quiet contentment is inhumane."

Separation from Unbelievers in Marriage

Nothing quite so displeases God as when His children intermarry with children of wrath, for nothing so corrupts a nation as does polluting of the people of God by intermarriage

Ministry Helps

I Have Seen Thy Tears

"...God’s mention of the anguished expression of voice and tears is not an isolated concept."

What To Do When Someone You Know Messes Up

All of us in the work of the Lord have had the sad experience of watching a friend of ours get off-track or even...

Parenting Helps

The Bible

The Greatest Text In The Bible: Do You Know It?

by Dr. Harry Ironside John 3:16 WHY do so many people think this is the greatest text in the Bible? There are other wonderful texts that...

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