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A Church Directory For Independent Baptists

One of the most asked questions in our emails is always "do you know of a good church in this area." Our goal here...

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Which Do You Prefer: A Digital or Physical Copy Of The Bible?

There has been a major shift over the past six years since the introduction of the Iphone and Android smartphones. From there we've been introduced to tablets and wearable technology that many use in their everyday lives.

The King James Bible

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Importance of the Testimony

"Let us hear more testimonies in our churches of what God has done with us! Great things He hath done!"

5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Out Soulwinning

This one thing changed my soul-winning ministry. For example, people often take this little course, then call me on the phone to say, “Brother Hyles, it worked! It worked!” Sure it worked. Expect it to work.

Five Reasons How I Know God Wants Everyone to Be Saved

I have met a few people in my Christian experience who felt that they were excluded form the atonement and from the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

5 Ways To Increase Your Results When Soulwinning

by Joshua Harris We have a great responsibility to tell others about Christ. That responsibility is not to only totell them about the gospel, but...

Going Soulwinning? Here’s 7 Ways You Can Get The Most Out Of Your Time!

We make here some brief suggestions that have proved helpful as people plan to win souls.

The Value Of One

What God desires is for someone to run through the streets looking for ONE person seeking the truth.

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3 Ways Lifestyle Evangelism Is Refuted

There is a teaching abroad today called "lifestyle evangelism." This false philosophy teaches that we witness with our life rather than our lips.

How To Have A Soul Winning Church

Everything we do in the church should have behind it the underlying passion that men are lost and must be saved if they go to Heaven.

Identifying the Enemy

By Robert Rouse: Too many of us have allowed the culture to shape what we expect to see if Satan or his minions come...

Why Do We Even Have Public Invitations?

by Keith Phemister I was talking to a man whom I pastored, and while we were talking, he made a statement that took me aback....

Dealing with a Hardened Heart

"Let us remember that it does not take rebellion, sin, or backsliding to bring us to the state of a hardened heart."

Is Your Personal Ambition Getting In The Way Of Your Christian Walk & Ministry?

by E.M. Bounds "For we do not preach ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus' sake!" 2 Corinthians 4:5 "Then the mother of...

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Hold the Fort

"This story so captivated Bliss’s creative mind that he could not sleep that night until he had penned the words to the song,..."

Jesus Paid It All: The Story Behind The Hymn

Jesus Paid It All was written under unusual circumstances. Did your mind ever wander during a Sunday service?

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