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75 Important Bible Verses About Alcohol

Too long we have listened to the pious expression, heard from many quarters, which says, "Let the preacher stick to his Bible and leave the liquor question to laymen and politicians." One has only to examine the Bible to find abundant references condemning the drink evil. In fact, if the preacher is to preach the whole truth, and be fair with the Word of God, he must preach against sin.

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Are You Sometimes Jumping To Conclusions When Commenting Online?

Oh, good ol’ social media. It pits us against each other so quickly, doesn’t it?

The King James Bible

Soulwinning Helps

Salvation by Grace

By: Curtis Hutson Excerpt from the sermon, "Things that Are Different Are Not The Same" Salvation by Grace and Salvation by Works, are not the...

The Difference Made to One Bus Kid

"...my life would have taken a much different route without those few people who thought, 'Maybe I can make a difference.'”

Five Reasons How I Know God Wants Everyone to Be Saved

I have met a few people in my Christian experience who felt that they were excluded form the atonement and from the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

How Great Soul Winners Were Filled With the Holy Spirit

SOMEONE HAS SAID that one example is worth a thousand arguments.

Easy Way To Find Out If Someone Is Lost Or Not

Let me explain. Often I’ve gone out to win souls and asked, “Are you a Christian?” If he said, “Yes, I am,” I would let it go at that.

What Will Happen When Christ Comes For His Own?

All of us have used the Word if in the same way.

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Friends: Friendship in the Scriptural Sense

"Being a true friend is one of the rarest qualities to be found in people today."

How New Churches Help the Cause of World Missions

New independent Baptist churches are necessary to the future of independent Baptist world missions for two reasons:

Communication: An Essential Element Of The Bus Ministry

by Steve Hobbins Communication with drivers – If you need a driver don’t wait until Saturday night to ask for one – Tell your driver to let...

Beware of Finding Your Joy In Your Ministry

by Christian Penn: There are times when the joy of being in the Lord’s work is second to nothing else in the world. However any...

10 Difficult Things to Avoid When Ministering to Others

We often find ourselves in situations with others where we allow self to replace principles.

How To Make Everybody Happy

In 1 Samuel 6:20-7:1, we find the story of the Philistines returning the Ark of God to the people of Israel.

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Hymn Stories

Hymns Written in Suffering

It is astonishing to discover how many authors of our hymns had some disability, or wrote out of some difficult experience in their lives.

And Can It Be: The Story Behind The Hymn

The Story Behind The Hymn: And Can It Be Not many hymns begin with a question as does this one.        However, it is not an expression...

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