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Marriage Helps

Character Clothing

"...strength and honor are the virtues or traits that the virtuous woman should select out of this spiritual wardrobe and 'put on' when she gets up in the morning."

Marriage: A Happy Course

"Joy is a byproduct of healthy relationships, first and foremost with the Lord and then secondarily with others. My marriage is the most important earthly relationship I have."

Ministry Helps

Hymns Written in Suffering

It is astonishing to discover how many authors of our hymns had some disability, or wrote out of some difficult experience in their lives.

5 Ways to Miss the Mark in Ministry

Every year thousands of preachers, pastors, and evangelists leave their calling.

Parenting Helps

The Bible

What Bible Are You Reading?

by Rachel Harkins For the second time in just a few weeks, our county is under a "boil water advisory" due to a major equipment...

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Stories Behind The Hymns

Soulwinning Helps

Christian Living