Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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Are You For Or Against Dating Before College?

Multitudes of parents and teachers have observed a bright child academically excel in school and spiritually in his faith for several years and then become mediocre and apathetic in junior and senior high school. More alarming is the weakening of spiritual desire in this same child at about the same stage of life.
Are We Teaching Our Kids Character

What Everyone Needs To Hear About Teaching Our Kids

by Dr. Ronald Hon I was shocked and amazed when I sat down and had a conversation with a friend. He knew personally someone whose...

You’re A Parent; Teach Truth To Your Children

After a person has learned the value of biblical truth he must not neglect to pass it on to his children.

12 Ways To Help Children Avoid Loneliness In The Ministry

Loneliness is not confined to the ministry. Many are lonely today, and many children grow up in lonely situations, for many different reasons. The purpose of this post, however, is to give some insights into helping children deal with “ministerial loneliness” – ie, the kind of loneliness that comes because their parents are in the ministry

What To Do When Social Media Becomes More Important Than Family Time

The American family has been under satanic attack for the past several decades. With the invention of the television to the technology we have available to us today the face of the traditional family has changed.

A New Generation of Independent Baptists: An Open Letter

Millennials are not looking for perfect people…Jesus already handled that. Millennials are looking for people to be real and honest about struggles and temptations.

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by Christian Penn: One of the greatest needs of a soul winner is to have a great concern for each individual to whom he...
Why Do We Use The King James Bible?

5 Ways To Increase Your Results When Soulwinning

by Joshua Harris We have a great responsibility to tell others about Christ. That responsibility is not to only totell them about the gospel, but...

Stay in Crete

By  Dr. Jack Hyles: "To Titus, mine own son after the common faith: Grace, mercy, and peace, from God the Father and the Lord...

How To Have A Soul Winning Church

Everything we do in the church should have behind it the underlying passion that men are lost and must be saved if they go to Heaven.

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