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Hymns Written in Suffering

It is astonishing to discover how many authors of our hymns had some disability, or wrote out of some difficult experience in their lives.

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Are You a Sideline Christian?

"In conclusion, to all who stand by while those of us who are 'lesser' fight your battles, there is a reason why you scrutinize us...criticize us...judge us. The reason is because you have remained on the sidelines while others have joined the battle."

The King James Bible

Soulwinning Helps

How To Have A Soul Winning Church

Everything we do in the church should have behind it the underlying passion that men are lost and must be saved if they go to Heaven.

The Value of Winning One Soul

Psalm 142:1-4, 1“I cried unto the LORD with my voice; with my voice unto the LORD did I make my supplication. 2I poured...

Overcoming Common Hindrances to Soulwinning

"Did we tell someone about Jesus today? Why do we fail to tell the greatest story ever told?"

What You Can Do to Help a New Convert Grow

It is a very important element in soul winning for a person to go forward and make their decision public. They will certainly not...

Our Nation Has A Problem & It’s Not The Government

Of all the years that I have observed how passionate people have been for politics, this year has been the most intense.  We are...

Going Soulwinning? Here’s 7 Ways You Can Get The Most Out Of Your Time!

We make here some brief suggestions that have proved helpful as people plan to win souls.

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Stop Being Lazy & Get OFF Welfare Now!

Spiritual welfare that is....... There is a saying that goes: While many people joke about this, this is a sad but true reality of today's...

Is The Deacon Board Now In Charge?

When ever this topic is touched on it brings to the surface a delicate issue. God is the one who created the office of...

When Our Strength Becomes Our Weakness

"We must not allow someone to talk us into replacing our strength with weakness,..."

Is Your Personal Ambition Getting In The Way Of Your Christian Walk & Ministry?

by E.M. Bounds "For we do not preach ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus' sake!" 2 Corinthians 4:5 "Then the mother of...

Be Faithful Unto Death

Someone told me years ago that the average pastor stays in a pastorate 16 to 24 months before leaving.

Forgiveness Is a Choice

"Forgiveness is a choice, and it is one only you can make."

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Hymn Stories

The Story Behind The Hymn: Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Composer Thomas Chisolm Writes Great is Thy Faithfulness Thomas Obadiah Chisolm (1866-1960) had a difficult early adult life. His health was so fragile that there...

The Story Behind The Hymn Just As I Am

"Just As I Am" is one of the few hymns for which we know not only the author’s story but also the exact circumstances...

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