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At Least We Were Married

by Bud Silva

“For this God is our God forever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death.” – Psalm 48:14

We must never forget or take for granted that the greatest aspect of our salvation is the importance of having a personal relationship with God. Salvation is not just an event, salvation is a relationship. We often times give great emphasis on the event of the wedding ceremony or the event of the birth of a child. Although these events are important, even more important than these, is that long term relationships have been established.That married couple becomes a husband and wife, and those that give birth are called parents. The events are good and needful, but the relationships are better. Our promise today reminds us of our relationship with God after we are saved.

The Psalmist declares that “this God is our God”. We can rest assured that the one true God is our God. We are his and he is ours. There is no doubt who we belong to or who He belongs to. He is our God.

The Psalmist also declares that this relationship is one that will never end. “Our God forever and ever”. As long as God himself lasts so will be the relationship we have with Him. It is a never ending relationship.

Finally, it is a strong relationship. God “will be our guide even unto death.” No matter what the problem, what the crises, God will be our God even at death.

In the book “At Least We Were Married”, Terry Thomas tells the story of him and his wife Nancy.

Nancy and I left our hotel Sunday afternoon feeling relaxed and contented. We had just spent our first night of marriage together and were driving south on our honeymoon… “Oh, Terry, I just can’t believe we’re really on our way!”Nancy said as our red VW moved us along. It seemed like we had anticipated this forever. “Um- I know it ,sweetheart- seems almost like a dream.” ” Just think, honey,”… we never have to say goodbye again.” Neither of us could hold back a silly grin at the mention of “husband” and “wife”. Thoughts darted through my mind as I sat at the wheel. Nancy had fallen soundly asleep beside me. The blackest part of the evening, 6:20 P.M. was about to smother us. Raining hard! Our wheels rolled us on. No cars in sight. Highway: four lanes. Median: forty feet. Then…… at that moment Terry and Nancy were in a terrible accident and Nancy died. Terry’s title, “At Least We Were Married” doesn’t just describe the event of the marriage ceremony, but the relationship he and Nancy enjoyed, even if it was for a short time.

May we enjoy the moment we got saved but let us also enjoy our relationship with our God who will be there forever and ever.

by Bud Silva

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