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Who Should a Christian Vote For?

by Bill Brinkworth

When one is saved, he should be for what God is for and against what He is against. We should be as Christ-like as possible.

With this in mind, if Christ were voting, (and He is through us, since we are His ambassadors — II Cor. 5:20), how would He vote? He would surely vote against those standing against biblical principles and vote for those standing for godly principles.

Since there are no candidates that make 100% of their decisions based on biblical guidelines, our vote should be for one that is the closest to using these guidelines. Granted, it is getting harder to determine who is lined up the closest to the biblical standard.  However, there are several areas a nominee’s philosophy, life, and standards can be examined before casting a vote for them.  Here are several:

  • What is their personal life like?  If the nominee’s life includes acts of adultery, drunkenness, filthy language, dishonesty, lack of attending church, and other signs of wanton ungodly living, how can he be expected to make decisions based on biblical principles and standards?
  • Where does he verbally stand on the things of God? Does He speak about his faith? If he is involved in a church or religion that does not concur with what the Bible teaches, he cannot be expected to make biblically correct decisions.
  • What is the value of the nominee’s word?  Does he do what he says?  Is he double-tongued, “politically correct”, trying to make his words pleasing to everyone?  Is he always changing what he says depending on who his audience is?  Does his word mean anything?
  • Is the politician more interested in being elected than leading the country in a moral, bible-principled direction?
  • Where does he stand on abortion?  God is against the taking of the innocent lives of babies! Life does start in the womb: Gen. 25:21-23, Ex. 21:22-23, Jer. 1:5, Ps. 139:15-16 …  Any official that has such a low esteem for the taking of innocent lives should not be a person anyone would want voting on issues dealing with euthanasia, healthcare to those that are older, abortion, etc.
  • Where do they stand on rewarding citizens for not working and getting government support? God wants us not to be slothful,  and instead to be workers (Prov. 12:11, Pr. 13:4, 11, 23, Prov. 20:13, Prov. 22:29)
  • Do they believe that each man should learn the consequences of his wrong decisions, or do they think that other people (government’s money) should help finance their mistakes?
  • Where do the politicians stand on punishing crime?  God punishes sin. Our legislators should also be strict on crime.
  • Are they for things God is for and against the things He is against?  Where do they stand on homosexuality, loss of freedom by making more demands on citizens, obeying the existing laws (constitution, and other laws that are already on the books), getting the government to take the place of God (by allowing the people to turn to the government for provision rather than God)?
  • Who are their associates?  You can tell much about a person by whom they associate with.  If one’s closest associates have godless lifestyles, and are morally living improperly, one can assume that kind of  lifestyle does not really bother the politician, and they would never cast a vote condemning it.  A person that is truly against immoral lifestyles would not gravitate to people living immorally.
  • Where do they stand on drugs?  God wants us to take care of our bodies  (I Cor. 3:16).

What does the nominee’s life show onlookers?  If you voted for the want-to-be-leader, would you be picking a choice that abides as close to godly principles as the choice allows?  Would Jesus consider voting for that nominee?

 “A man that stands for nothing, will fall for anything!”

by Bill Brinkworth

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