Friday, April 19, 2024

Short Sermon or Long Sermon?


~Dr. Curtis Hutson

QUESTION: Β Which is more effective? Short Sermon, Long Sermon, or It Doesn’t Matter?

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  1. Its always better in my opinion to leave them wanting more, but truthfully you should leave it up to the Holy Spirit if he is telling you longer keep it coming if not, not every sermon needs to an hour long!

  2. Doesn’t matter as long as God’s message is getting out.It is not the length os a message or how short the message but it is what God gives to His people through the Man of God.

  3. Really depends on the subject matter, the true leading/inspiration of holy spirit. If the pastor is preaching to hear himself talk or pushing a personal idea, he needs to make it quick and sweet πŸ™‚ but preach on if the amens are rolling and God is in the message πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. Consider, if you will, if it’s a “Bible Study” or a SERMON…
    a BIBLE STUDY would seem more appropiate for your “mid-week” group; On the other hand, a SERMON should cause awareness. AT ONE YOU TEACH; AT THE OTHER YOU PREACH!

  5. I believe a time limit boxes the Preacher in. Say what God has laid on your heart, do it effectively and fervently. Don’t worry about the time.
    Who hasn’t sat through a sermon only to look at your watch and marvel at how quickly the time has gone by. Or vice versa!

  6. Let the Holy Spirit start the sermon and the Holy Spirit finish the sermon. Take no thought want you say the Holy Spirit will teach you in the hour you speak. Don’t forget to study to show yourself approved unto God. Be ready in season and out.

  7. I know some old school preachers believe if your not preaching a long sermon its not a sermon. But just worry about how the message is delivered and if its Gods will to last ten minutes or two hours the sermon wont go wrong. I do understand we all want to beat the Methodist to the Buffet Line.


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