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Treat Your Visitors Great And They Will Return!

by Ken Blue

A few years ago I visited the Eagle Hardware store in our town. It was a man’s shopping paradise, with tools everywhere! As I entered the large double-doors, a man wearing an employee vest came out of an aisle on my left. We almost collided. I asked where I could locate a particular electrical item. He said, “Come with me.”

I followed him down the main aisle about one hundred feet, and then we turned to the right and walked another hundred and fifty feet. He then turned left and we walked fifty feet to the place where he knelt to the floor on one knee and took the item from the bottom shelf. He smiled and said, “Here you are sir.” I asked, “Are you the owner of this store?” “No sir,” he said, “I only work here, but I do want you to come again.” I assured him I would. Not only would I return, I would tell all my friends.

Wouldn’t it be great if the people who visit our churches left feeling they had received the same special service I received from a hardware employee? Instead of telling our guest where the bathrooms are, or where the nurseries are, why not train our greeters and ushers to walk with them and help them with their smallest needs. You may not be the preacher, but you will be telling the guest, “You are valuable to us, and we really want you to come again.” Not only are they likely to return, they will also tell their friends. You see, it’s all about the service.

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