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Communication: An Essential Element Of The Bus Ministry

by Steve Hobbins

Communication with drivers

– If you need a driver don’t wait until Saturday night to ask for one
– Tell your driver to let you know as soon as possible if they will be absent
– Sub drivers who teach Sunday School want to be back to church at 9:45
– Sub drivers don’t want to be regular drivers
Communicate with Sunday School teachers
– If you suspend a bus rider, let the Sunday School teacher know
Communication with new workers?
– Tell the bus director before asking someone to work on your bus
– The bus director will run it by the Pastor
– No matter who it is, check with the bus director before asking people to work on your bus
O:-)Communicate to bus parents about baptism
– Decision list: If I, as the bus director, don’t get to it, then you go ahead and check on it
:-XCommunicate in the bus meeting
– If I forget mention something important then remind me
– If your not in the meeting then ask for a bus report
– If you can’t be there then send me a text or call me ahead of time
:-)Communicate with other bus captains
– If the rider rides your bus and lives on another route, pass it to the captain with that address
8-)Communicate with vacations
– When you are going to be gone, make sure you have all the addresses lined up in order of pick up for the workers who will cover your route
=-OCommunicate about Vacation Bible School
– Do you have a driver?
– Are your workers ready?
– The dates vacation bible school are July 11-13 Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
– Saturday July 14 we invite the parents to here the VBS choir on Sunday July 15
– Let’s do our best to get the right information down with new riders
– Follow up work on decisions is frustrating without the right address
:-DCommunicate about the 40th Bus Anniversary August 19
– Don’t plan anything on this weekend
– Everybody comes on this day
– All the bus routes need to have a bus board display up on anniversary Sunday
– Bus captains will be responsible to make sure their workers are there
– Bus awards will be handed out
– Bus captain of the year award
– Bus worker of the year award
– Bus riders who have attended 50 weeks from end of July 2011 to July 2012
– Do you know what riders you who have made it so far?
– We all should have records of this. There should be no guess work please
– Riders who have made it 50 weeks will receive the award
:-[Lack of communication lets children fall through the cracks
– If I were a salesman and each rider or non rider was a contract worth thousands of dollars then how would my effort be?
– If 50 years from now I look down from heaven and see my great grandkids getting passed by, it will be too late. I will just hope someone tries to reach them
– I wonder, if up in heaven parents and grandparents of bus kids, are looking down on the bus routes every Saturday could they perhaps be saying, “It is Saturday again, I hope somebody will talk to them”

Bus work doesn’t pay in dollar and cents, but what if it did?
This is not meant to make anybody feel guilty. These are just things I ask myself when I get sloppy with my bus work.

by Steve Hobbins

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