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The Spiritual Youth Group

"We should strive to have spiritual youth groups that honor Christ!"

Forsaken but Not Forgotten

"Someone once told me, 'The ministry is all about people.' I could not agree more, but the devil is a master of taking what we have done to help others and using it to hurt us."

Dealing with a Hardened Heart

"Let us remember that it does not take rebellion, sin, or backsliding to bring us to the state of a hardened heart."

Friends: Friendship in the Scriptural Sense

"Being a true friend is one of the rarest qualities to be found in people today."

Timeless Traits of Spiritual Servants

"There is an endless list of lessons and truths that young people must absorb and implement as they surge forward in the ministry to sustain a lifetime of service."

Let Me Be Your Servant

"...Just let me weep when you are sad, And laugh along when you are glad. Just let me be your servant."

Marriage: A Happy Course

"Joy is a byproduct of healthy relationships, first and foremost with the Lord and then secondarily with others. My marriage is the most important earthly relationship I have."

Right Living Is Not Legalism

"It appears that 'legalism' has become the compromiser's excuse to override the clear teachings of Scripture."

Training Children with a Purpose

"Do we really live our lives with a purpose? What is your purpose? What is God’s purpose for you?"

Redeeming the Time

"Would the hours we spend each day reflect what our true priorities should be?"

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