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Tracie became a pastor's kid at eleven years old when her family started a Baptist church in Southern California in 1991. In the decades since then, she has been involved in Christian ministry in some way, either as staff or layperson. She writes with a burden to help Christian ladies in living for Christ. She manages social media for her pastor and several other ministries, including Berean Publications. She and her husband, David, and their two children live in northeast Florida, where she teaches a ladies Sunday School class.

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You Don’t Have To Stay If You Church Is Becoming Worldly

Churches have become worldly, fleshly, carnal, Spiritless places...where Christians have become cold, callus, indifferent, and passionless about the things of God. Oh, they can find tons of things to keep them coming to the church building: Duty, guilt, fear, or a feeling of well being when they do.