Sunday, May 26, 2024

Let Me Tell You Why I Love The Ministry

by Pastor Berard

Our church experienced a very challenging weekend this past Sunday. I presented a video and scriptural challenge about the future of our ministry. For me personally, I experienced a whole range of emotions, but came to the conclusion that there is nothing I desire to do more than serve God with my life. Let me tell you why I love the ministry…

#1) It stretches my Faith.

As I presented the plan of building this past Sunday, I recognize that it is going to happen only by the grace and power of God. While I don’t see an obvious answer to the challenge… I know that the Lord has something in mind for us, and we have the privilege of being right in the middle of it.

#2) It Challenges Me.

As I present the plan of building, I recognize my own role as a Christian… I cannot challenge others to give and to labor if I am not ready to go beyond where I am and do the same thing…. There is nothing like being brought out of your comfort zone and there is nothing easier than staying in your comfort zone.

#3) It Encourages Me.

This past Sunday, when all was said and done, a couple that has only recently been attending, stopped and thanked me for helping them to understand the Word of God and what a difference it is making in their lives. I left Sunday… physically exhausted (still getting over the flu & fever), mentally spent… but emotionally encouraged.

There is nothing like the contentment and satisfaction that comes from investing yourself in the work of God.

Pastor Berard

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