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Why Do Some People Suffer?

by Dr. Bob Gray Sr.

Job 23:10,  “But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”

I think it is important to note the Scripture in verse 10 does not say “Job knoweth the way God takes” but it does say “God knoweth the way that Job takes.”  There is a difference, for as well as all of us would like to know what God is doing, and all of us would like to pull aside the veil and see the end from the beginning, and all of us would like to know the way that he is taking the Scripture says “God knoweth the way that Job takes.”  God choose not to let Job know the way and God has chosen not to let me know.

Job in the midst of all his deep afflictions found comfort, not in the fact that he knew the reason and the answer for al of God’s dealing with him, but he found comfort in the fact that God knew what Job was doing, and that Job didn’t know.

Job said I do know the end and the destination. I do not know the particulars of the trip or the details of the journey, but I can tell you this God knows the way that I take and I know when it is all over I’ll come forth as gold.

It is said that a bar of steel is worth five dollars, but when made into a horseshoe it will be worth ten dollars. Take the same five dollar bar and manufactured into needles will cause the value to rise to $350.00. If this same five dollar bar is manufactured into delicate springs for expensive watches it will be worth up to $250,000. Please do not miss this…this original bar of steel is made more valuable when it is cut down to its proper size and passed through the fire again, again, again, and again.  Hammered, beaten, pounded, manipulated, and finally polished. Thus, the more of the cutting, the more the fire, the more the hammering, the more the beating, the more the pounding, the more the manipulating, and you will end up with a greater finish and a greater polish.

God only expends His energy and efforts on that which gives promise of having the greatest value. The farmer does not spend time tilling the sand hill that has no value for crops. NO! The farmer puts most of his work and time into the heavy field, which has the greatest promise of an abundant harvest. Certainly our God is smarter and wise than a farmer.

When God leaves us alone and does not visit us with difficulties, with testing’s, and with trials rest assured your life is as barren as the sand hills that possess no value. Someone said, “Sun shine all the time only makes a desert.”  We need the clouds, the dark days, the storms, and the rain just as much as we need the sun shine.

Again, Job did not say, “Job knoweth the way that God takes” but he did say, “God knoweth the way that Job taketh.”

The question comes of why must I suffer, why must I have this burden, this heartache, this pain, this illness, or this cancer?  Always remember you and I do not know the way God takes but God knows the way you and I take. Most of you reading this have chosen to serve God. How does God respond to that?  He responds with testing’s, purging, and the end result is you and I come forth as gold.

Some of you may have chosen NOT to serve God. How does God respond? He responds by punishing you.  God never neglects his responsibility to you as your Father. Either way the result is you will forth as gold, either as an example of what to do or what not to do.

Job found in the midst of all of his deep afflictions comfort.

  • Comfort in not knowing the way God takes.

  • Comfort in faith that dispelled fear.

  • Comfort in knowing the testing’s are for his ultimate good.

  • Comfort that when it is all over he will come forth as gold.


  • To silence Satan

  • To uplift Jesus Christ

  • To be conformed to the image of Christ

  • To mature

  • To win others to Christ

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  1. Blessed is the man who preserves under trial,because when he stood the test,he will receive the concern the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.James 1:12


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