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Is Your Church Compromising For The Sake Of Growth?

by Phillip Blackwell

Before I begin this article let me say that I am glad that I am an independent fundamental Baptist. I desire not to change this truth nor do I desire to be divisive, but there is a dangerous trend that is going on in the independent fundamental Baptist movement. This new trend is being implemented in many good churches by many good men under the guise of being “relevant” to our society.

They say that the old way of doing things is outdated and has caused churches to become irrelevant to the culture in which they exist. While I understand that we must be practical in our preaching and also connect with those in our congregations, may I say that this has nothing to do with being relevant but rather it to do with numerical pride and compromise.

The Lord Jesus Christ was relevant in his preaching but was never worldly. He had great impact in his culture yet he remained fundamental!

If we want to tell the truth about this “Pseudo-Fundamentalist Psycho Philosophical” way of doing things, here it is: It is simply combining casual worship and worldly methods in order to gather a crowd to teach Biblical truth. This is nothing more than the purpose driven life for the fundamentalist. It is a laying down of that which has made the independent fundamental Baptist church movement what it is today.

Many of those who say that putting this “new philosophy” into practice is not changing any essential doctrine is overlooking the fact that in reality this is a blurring of the line between Biblical truth and a worldly lifestyle. My friend may I remind you that compromise is compromise not matter how it is covered up and represented!

May God raise up more men, women, and children that will be practical, but also remain fundamental in all matters of faith and practice. May the Lord instill into the hearts of his people, especially the younger generation of independent Baptist preachers, the importance of Godliness and holiness in their churches and lives. May the Holy Ghost enlighten some of these “vain philosophers” and “babblers” not to rely on worldly principles and statistics to build a ministry.

May God’s men remember the Psalmist’s admonition in Psalm 127:1 that “Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it:…” Oh I would to God that God’s people and his preachers would return to their senses and remember that “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. (Galatians 5:9)

I know this little rant and rave may seem a little harsh, but frankly, I’m fed up with the “compromise for the sake of growth” mentality. Well, I feel a whole lot better! How about you?

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  1. Casual is….
    When a pastor teaches Bible but never applies it
    When members never hear sin named and condemned
    When members never hear holiness exalted
    When the music and appearance of the service resembles a nightclub aka… the world Rom 12:1-2
    When drinking booze or adultery are never mentioned as sinful
    When the sound of the music is a “noise of war” Ex 32:17
    When social drinking is common among members
    When Hollywood is acceptable entertainment
    When youth activities resemble public school events
    I would consider that casual, contemporary and worldly. Just my opinion and some Bible verses.

    The result. No second generation. Just see how many from this kind of church grow up and go into the ministry. Casual results in second generation caaualties.

  2. I see this now in many churches in the worship service the noise of war idea above and the music is loud and also I know a guy that goes to different churches and gets them to make their worship ‘music’ like that too by introducing guitar technology to them !!
    One church I left over a year ago .. and if i tried to explain that I do not care for the super rowdy loud worship times the probably would call me a heathen or a threat of some kind or a liberal and so ironic !! THIS TO ME IS SCARY. I can sense so many will now start all this compromise that’s spreading that they at first called a praise band [ emphasize this is not seen in a independent church as here ] / But in the now established praise worship movement stuff I can now see the compromises / many are going to make the services as to ‘reach’ the young or youth now to get them in church and warp things whatever will work to do it !! I never seen so much heathen like stuff among the youth in society of late , and since 15 years back and you cannot but think how crazy the next teens coming out will be .And persons will seek to compromise to grow churches bigger ! I say I wish Jesus would return soon.

  3. I recently spoke with a man that is concerned about the direction the church he attends is going. The previous pastor preached the old King James Bible and stood for the truth. Some of the people did not like that he preached against sin and corruption in the government and society and evidently wanted a more “easy going” pastor. The previous pastor also would not accept church membership by letter and required a personal testimony in order to become a member which is the way it should be. So, the church got a more “mainstream” pastor that preaches from the NIV (Non inspired, or non inerrant version) who now along with the deacons has brought in a contemporary service in addition to a traditional service. When questioned why by some of the members they were told it was necessary to bring in the crowds and reach the youth. Sad. Churches like this are a fulfillment of II Timothy 4:1-4. It seems to be all about numbers today instead of sound doctrine and the truth. A small building with a strong, solid, stable foundation is much better than a big, lavish, building with a weak, shifting, unstable foundation. Same way with a church. I’ll take a small church that sticks with the Authorized King James Bible and is rooted and grounded in the truth over a large church that compromises and waters down preaching to avoid offending anyone for numbers sake.


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