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How Should You Respond When You Get Offended?

"...the big question for us to ask ourselves is this, 'When I get offended, how will I respond?'"

Grieving the Holy Spirit

"May we search our hearts. Have we been grieving the Spirit? Have we disregarded His presence, denied Him full possession of our lives, disobeyed His commands, or done the things He hates?"

Friends: Friendship in the Scriptural Sense

"Being a true friend is one of the rarest qualities to be found in people today."

Marriage: A Happy Course

"Joy is a byproduct of healthy relationships, first and foremost with the Lord and then secondarily with others. My marriage is the most important earthly relationship I have."

Choosing Friends for Life and Ministry

"Friendship is a Biblical relationship. It is a beneficial relationship."

How to Make Your Marriage a Team

"No one ever stumbles upon a happy marriage. To have a happy marriage, the husband and wife must decide to be of one mind."

Redeeming the Time

"Would the hours we spend each day reflect what our true priorities should be?"

A Patch or a Fix?

"I am so glad that I let the Professional handle the repairs in my life! I hope you will, too!"

Let’s Both Forgive

"Someone very dear to me who had been my friend for years launched a brief but fierce attack my way..."

The Threefold Cord of Human Relationships

"Human relationships of every type...have encountered in recent times some of the greatest invasions and destructions in human history."

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