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The Mystery of Romance

"The mystery of romance is the story of redemption, grace, and the church."

You Are Enough

"At what point in our lives did we decide we are not enough?"

Be Like Chocolate, Not Like Tofu!

"Do we flavor our own lives, or let others do it for us?"

A Call for Spiritual Discernment in a Social Media Day

"Someone once said, 'Often, the smartest man at the table is the one who says the least.'"

A Good Thing

"In order to be a good thing..., we must STAY a good thing!"

Standing In Awe

"If we are not careful, we can lose that awe in our lives for God."

10 Rules for Respect in Relationships: How to Stop Misunderstandings and...

"As God’s children, we must live according to wisdom."

Forgiveness Is a Choice

"Forgiveness is a choice, and it is one only you can make."

Being Committed to Faithful Men

"One of the most important words in the Bible is the word faithful."

God Is Crazy About You!

"God has perfect love for you; He is crazy about you!"

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