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Fighting for Innocence

"People may wonder if keeping our children...innocent is even possible in this day and age."

Media Derangement Syndrome

"...the inability to sit still is quite tragic. The failure to develop quiet contentment is inhumane."

Redeeming the Time

"Would the hours we spend each day reflect what our true priorities should be?"

Guarding Against Anger and Bitterness

"People who never thought they would be bitter lost their joy because a root of bitterness sprung up in their lives, choking out their spiritual joy."

The Changing of the Guard

"What can American Christians do to save our country?"

To Love Him Is To Know Him

"I want to be so familiar with Jesus that I cannot help but notice Him everywhere and in everything!"

Direction: What Does It Really Mean?”

"Just because we are pointed in the right direction does not mean that we are going in the right direction."

A Call for Spiritual Discernment in a Social Media Day

"Someone once said, 'Often, the smartest man at the table is the one who says the least.'"

10 Rules for Respect in Relationships: How to Stop Misunderstandings and...

"As God’s children, we must live according to wisdom."

Forgiveness Is a Choice

"Forgiveness is a choice, and it is one only you can make."

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