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I Want America Back

I love America, and I want her back.  I do not say that in a mean or ill-spirit; and I am not implying that she was ever the possession of a certain group of people.  But what America has become and is becoming is not the America I grew up in.

I am burdened when I see that America has turned into something that our forefathers never intended.

We are living in a time when the moral fabric of our society was becoming unraveled, and if there has ever been a time to get concerned it is now.  Yes, I want America back.

  • The America I want back believed and worshiped the True and Living God.  Since our inception, we have boasted only in the God of the Bible.  From our nation’s beginning, we acknowledged Him alone as Sovereign- on our money, in our documents, and in our worship.  We no longer live in that America.
  • The America I want back rewarded and honored hard work.  What made our nation great was hard-work, invention, industry, and self-created opportunity.  We didn’t look for hand-outs, freebies, or entitlements.  We no longer live in that America.
  • The America I want back promoted decency and civility.  We have lost common courtesy in this country.  From our preachers to our politicians we lack integrity and moral character.  There was a time when our children could listen to music, watch movies, or attend school without hearing perversions or lewdness.  We no longer live in that America.
  • The America I want back had limited Government.  From education to bail-outs to healthcare, the government is seeking to regulate every aspect of our lives.  Ronald Reagan said, “Man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts.”  There was a time when socialistic and Marxist beliefs were completely opposed in this land.  We no longer live in that America.
  • The America I want believed in the importance of family.  The foundation of any society is the family unit.  As the family goes so goes the nation.  Adultery, fornication, divorce, co-habitation, and the redefining of marriage has clearly affected the home.  There was a time when no one considered the possibility of a same-sex marriage.  We no longer live in that America.
  • The America I want back defended the sanctity of life.  There have been more murderous acts in abortion clinics in our land over the past 40 years than in any of our wars.  On September 11, 2001 almost 3000 people died in the horrific attack against our nation.  As terrible as that is, over 3000 die every day in the wombs of our mothers.  America was not built on death, it was built on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  We no longer live in that America.
  • The America I want back believed in greatness.  We have accepted mediocrity as the status quo.  We no longer challenge one another to attempt great things for the advancement of mankind.  There was a time when we had the best athletes, the best academics, and the best attitude.  We no longer live in that America.
  • The American I want back embraced the importance of prayer.  Regardless of what revisionists say, our forefathers were men of faith, and they prayed to God.  They sought God for wisdom and consulted God publicly in prayer.  They were not afraid to incorporate prayer into every facet of society.  We no longer live in that America.

Yes.  I want America back, and I believe most who will read this article wants the same.

It is easy to air the grievances; but how do we get her back?

1. We Must Pray for America.  It is easy to interrogate for our land, but we must intercede for our land.  God’s people must rise and pray in this dark hour.

2. We Must Vote Biblical Principles.  Let’s face it, there are not many options these days in politics, but we must vote for the candidate who is more in line with Scripture.

3. We Must Teach our Children the Values that once Made this Nation Great.  Moral and ethical precepts must be passed along to this generation.  We perhaps have the most gifted and talented generation before us; may we help to indoctrinate them with moral principles.

4. We Must Begin with Ourselves.  Unless I am willing to live with honor and integrity I cannot expect it from anyone else.  When I change myself I can change my family.  When my family changes I can change my neighbors.  When my neighbors change I can change my community.  When my community changes I can change my nation.  Let revival begin with me because I want America back.

5. We Must Turn our Hearts Back to God.  Time is too short.  Our children are too precious.  Our opportunities are too limited, and our nation is too great to permit an anti-God establishment to ruin what has made America great for so many years.

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  1. One thing in this article is missing. We must once again get pro active in soul-winning and discipleship. America has not become all these things because we have not voted. She has become what she is because we have not followed God’s plan and reached our neighbor hoods and cities with the gospel. We have tried to hard to fit in. The salt has lost it’s savor. Oh, might be good if we got off our electronic devices and went soul-winning.

  2. I think the first few verses of 1 Corinthians 2 give us a pretty good pattern for reaching our world. When Paul went somewhere its not as if the first thing he did was find a prayer closest and “personal-revival” away all of the sin problems. Our power is found in the message of Christ crucified. Only that can actually change the heart of the unbeliever. Matthew 28 is our mission, not 2 Chronicles 7:14..


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