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Driving Through Oxford

By Dr. Kenneth Kuykendall

If you head southbound on Highway 81 out of Walnut Grove, Georgia you will run through a small historic town called Oxford. The biggest thing in Oxford is the medical school Oxford College of Emory University.
This small historic town has a population of only a couple of thousand people, and if blink twice while going through the city you will probably miss it.  One thing for certain however is that you DO NOT want to blink twice.

Anyone who drives through Oxford knows to drive slowly and cautiously.  The speed limit drops quickly upon arrival into the town and the presence of police officers are everywhere.  They are constantly stopping motorists for speeding, burned-out headlights, loud mufflers, weaving, and the like.  You only have to drive through Oxford, Georgia one time to realize they mean business when it comes to motor safety.

A few days ago while traveling down Highway 81 I entered into Oxford and immediately stomped on the breaks and proceeded with caution- not because I was speeding but simply because I knew it wouldn’t be long until I was in the presence of a patrol car; and sure enough within just a few seconds I saw an officer checking for speeding motorists.  I quickly learned that the presence of the Officer will cause you to abide by the law.  Wow, consider the spiritual parallel.

If the presence of a police-officer will cause us to proceed cautiously through a small town in Georgia, how much more should we abide by God’s Law, knowing that He is always present?  I want to keep the law of God in my life not because I love rules and regulations, but rather because I love the Lord and want to be pleasing unto Him.  Consider at this very moment that God is patrolling the highways of your heart.  Are you speeding through life without acknowledging His presence?

Slow down, the fine is not worth it.

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