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Character is a Choice

By Dr. Kenneth Kuykendall

Years ago an older preacher told me “Guard your thoughts because they can turn into your words; and then guard your words because they can turn into your behavior.

He further warned “Guard your behavior because it can turn into your habits, and before you know it- your habits have created your testimony, and your testimony is a direct result of your character.”  Someone has aptly stated that “character is the sum total of the decisions we make.”  If we are going to keep and maintain anything in this life, our character should be at the top of that list.

You may not have great abilities, but you can have character.  You may not have many opportunities, but you can have character.  You may not have a recognizable assignment in life, or a large thriving ministry, or a platform to reach thousands of people, but you can have character.  We may not all have the same lot in life but we do all have the same starting point every single day we live- we can chose to do what is right in every circumstance we face.  You see, character is more than words, it is more than charisma, it is more than persuasion.  You can have great skill, talent, and gifts but not have character.

Character is a choice-plain and simple.  It is a choice to align every aspect of your life with the measuring line of God’s Word.  It is to live in and with integrity, honesty, and truthfulness.  If character is the sum total of the decisions we make, then start today and make the right choices-even in the smallest, most insignificant decisions of life.  Here are a few suggestions on how to live with character:

  • Treat every circumstance as an opportunity to do what is right
  • Pray that God would give you a “holy hatred” and disdain for sin.
  • Be resolved to make decisions based upon biblical principles and not popular opinions or trends.
  • Ask the Lord for wisdom and knowledge.
  • Rely upon the Holy Spirit of God to lead and teach you in every avenue of life.
  • Maintain a confident yet humble disposition about what God has clearly stated in His Word.

Remember- what God knows about you is more important than what others think about you.  

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