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by Beverly Hyles

Let me give a list of ten decisions you can make that will help you cultivate a right mental attitude if you will take them to your world and apply them.

1. Decide to be happy. Fix your heart. Choose to be happy.

2. Decide to adjust to the circumstances of your world. So often we laugh at the circumstances we were in once the situation is all over. Isn’t it too bad we make ourselves so miserable while we are there?

3. Decide to take care of your temple. Sometimes our mental attitudes are bad because we are eating the wrong things and failing to exercise. We get so sluggish and run down that we can’t think positively and we can’t look at the world through rosy glasses.

4. Decide to strengthen your mind. Read and learn.

5. Decide to exercise your soul in different ways. Do something for someone anonymously. Perhaps you could even help an enemy or someone you don’t particularly like. What will that do for you? You will begin to like that person.

Do two things you don’t like to do. Maybe it’s something you have been putting off doing. But, if it is staring you in the face and nagging at you, that is part of your problem with your mental attitude.

6. Decide to be agreeable. Now, that doesn’t mean you should compromise your principles or convictions; just be agreeable!

7. Decide you will live life one day at a time. Don’t borrow from tomorrow or worry about yesterday.

8. Decide to live by a schedule that is based on your priorities.

9. Decide to have a quiet time all by yourself. I recommend 30 minutes; if you can’t find that much time, find what time you can.

10. Decide not to be afraid. Don’t be afraid to be happy! What is an attitude? According to the dictionary, it is our point of view or our manner. Your point of view will affect your manner and the way you live. It will affect the way you greet people and the way you greet the world.

Two men looked out from prison bars. One saw mud, the other saw stars. What was the difference? It was a difference in their attitudes. Some of you look out and see nothing but mud. When you are in Christian work, there will be many things that tend to make you see mud. Instead, choose to look at the stars and sunshine! If life has handed you lemons – and it will if it hasn’t – make lemonade!

The story is told of a man who bought a ranch sight unseen. I guess that’s a dumb thing to do. When he finally did see it he found it was impossible to transform his land into a prosperous ranch. It was rocky, sandy and full of rattlesnakes. It seemed life had handed him a lemon. Do you know what he did? He started canning rattlesnake meat. He started milking rattlesnakes for the venom – and he made a lot of money doing that because there is a big demand for snake venom in hospitals. This man made money with a lemon! You can too!

Have you got a lemon today? Open a lemonade stand! Is your life a lemon? You can do something about it by changing your attitude.

According to Philippians 2:13 and 14, there are two ways you can change your attitude. The first way is in verse 13: “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” So, since it is God’s working in your world, whatever that world is, you accept it. Acceptance is the key. Then in verse 14 we see this: “Do all things without murmurings and disputings.” Quit whining and pitying yourself and looking at all the bad things. Instead, praise! Make lemonade! We can change our mental attitudes with acceptance and praise.

Did you know that accepting things takes away their power to hurt us? When we accept what God gives to us as being from His hand, it no longer has the ability to hurt us. It all boils down to your attitude, and your attitude is your choice!

Do you remember the wall of Jericho in the Bible? It is said that the wall was so thick that seven chariots could ride abreast on top of it. Still, how much wall had to be broken down before the enemy could enter? All of it? No! Just one section. Proverbs 25:28 is talking about that very thing. Having a bad attitude or spirit in just one area – like anger, jealousy or self-pity – can let the enemy within your walls. Therefore, a good mental attitude is so vital.

by Beverly Hyles
Wife of Dr. Jack Hyles

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