Sunday, May 26, 2024

A New Year Meditation

by Andrew Murray

How many of us are longing and praying that the New Year may be a new beginning? How many sad hearts will make a vow of renewed consecration to God and will pray for a new revelation of God as January arrives? In order to understand what such a re-commitment really means, we need to take in the lesson which this new beginning in Abram’s life teaches.

Genesis 13:14 ‘And the Lord said unto Abram…’ When we give ourselves afresh to God, let it be our first thought to listen for him coming to us and telling us what he wants us to say and do. Have open ears for God’s voice. Do not imagine that because you are separated to God you now know how to serve him. I am deeply persuaded that the chief reason for the failure and feebleness of so many Christians is that they so seldom keep their ears open, waiting for God’s voice and teaching, for the guidance of his Holy Spirit.

The very first effect of a true consecration to God ought to be the deep sense that now God himself alone may say what we are to do. Out of this will grow a true confession of ignorance and a great assurance that God will not withhold the needed guidance. Again, this will lead to a very humble and dependent waiting for the teaching which is hidden from the wise and intelligent, which flesh and blood cannot give, which comes only by revelation from the Father.

by Andrew Murray

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