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4 Ways To Have A Strong Home

by Sandy Domelle

One of the greatest needs in every age is strong homes. The home is the foundation of a church and nation. If a nation is to be strong, then it needs strong churches, and if churches are going to be strong, then they need strong homes. A nation will crumble when the home is weak.

A church will struggle if the homes in that church are weak. It is imperative that the home be strong.

I am often asked by sincere individuals how they can make their home strong or stronger. There are some who were saved out of a rough life and they struggle to make their home strong. Then there are those who simply want to make their homes stronger. In both cases we can find the answer to a strong home in the first few verses of Proverbs 24.

First, to have a strong home it must be built.

God says, “Through wisdom is an house builded;…” You will never have a strong home if you don’t have a determination to build it. It takes time to build a home. You will never build a strong home if you don’t dedicate your time and effort to build it. Too many people today are so busy with their careers and extracurricular activities that they don’t give time to their home. I am not against you enjoying life, but if your home is destroyed, then what do your job and extracurricular activities do for you? You must decide to take the wisdom that you learn through the Word of God, preaching and advice from wise people and apply it so that you can build your home. Don’t ever think that your home is just going to be strong because you go to church. It is strong because you decide to take the time and effort to build it.

Second, to have a strong home it must be established.

God said, “…by understanding it is established:” A home will never become strong if the individuals in that home don’t understand each other. In other words, communication between those in the home is important to establishing your home. If you don’t take time to listen to each other, then your home won’t be established. One of the greatest causes of problems in the home is a misunderstanding that is caused by a lack of communication. You need to take time to listen to each other so you can grasp an understanding of each individual. A home will never be established without an understanding of each other.

Third, to have a strong home there must be blessings.

Verse 4 says, “And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” One of the things that helps every home is learning each other and doing things to make each other happy. Let me ask you, how well do you know each family member? You should study each other so that you will know what you could do for them to let them know you love them. Every person in the home ought to do things to be a blessing to the others.

Last, to have a strong home it must be protected.

Verse 5 says, “A wise man is strong;…” A home that has no rules to protect it is a home that is vulnerable to the attacks of Satan and the world. You must decide to have rules for your home, and those rules must be followed by everyone. You must protect your home if you want it to stay strong.

Your home is important to the strength of your church and nation. Not only is it important for those, but it is important for the enjoyment of life. A strong home is not an accident, but it happens because someone decides to build, establish, bless and protect the home that God has given them.

By Sandy Domelle

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