Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The Importance Of Scheduling Your Life

by Jack Trieber

What are you doing with your life? Most people allow life to come to them. Then, they deal with what comes their way or simply avoid what is before them. My suggestion is that you not simply allow life to come to you; instead, you go to life. By that, I mean plan your schedule then work your plan.

I have discovered that, without a plan, it is very easy for a person to waste an entire day. Thus, I am a huge proponent of a daily and weekly schedule. My strong suggestion is that My suggestion is that you not simply allow life to come to you; instead, you go to life. You plan your schedule for the upcoming week on the Friday or Saturday before. Following a schedule will provide a sense of fulfillment.

I am aware of the fact there are Palm Pilots, PDAs, and Smart Phones that many use to plan their schedules. I do not know how to use these gadgets, but I do use a DayTimer. I schedule my daily responsibilities in increments of time ranging from 15 minutes to one hour; and doing so enables me to be very productive each day.

Whether you choose an electronic device or a handwritten schedule to assist you, don’t neglect to make and follow a schedule. Doing so will enable you to go to your day instead of having your day come to you.

Let us do our best this month to live an organized, planned, scheduled life instead of one characterized by chaos. Have a great month. God bless you.

by Jack Trieber

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