Sunday, May 26, 2024

Why Do I Need Faith?

So often when I speak to folks about church one of the major points of frustration comes from the fact that most people don’t get anything out of faith. It’s not something you can see or feel, it’s not a tangible asset that can be borrowed against, it’s not even something you will ever touch however for each of us faith should have a major role in our lives and play an important part in our daily decisions.

1. Faith sees the invisible
Faith is that which others perhaps cannot and trusting it to be so. The Bible tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God. Something so key to our pleasing the one who created us and gave His Son for our salvation ought to be an integral part of our daily life that leads us to believe though we cannot see.

2. Faith believes the impossible
A life lived in faith is one that believes that with God nothing shall be impossible. In the moments where life gives you an insurmountable situation, faith is that which believes no matter what the odds that God can overcome them according to His will.

3. Faith receives the incredible.
Faith believes that there is a God and receives His blessings with humility, gratitude, and thanksgiving. A life lived in faith while challenging and unnerving at times is a life filled with the incredible riches of God’s grace.

These are just a few thoughts on what faith does for each believer. In each of our lives let us strive to live faith-filled lives that see the invisible, believe the impossible and receive the incredible. God is worthy of our faith in Him and today He is waiting for you to trust Him so that He can do amazing things in your life.

by Brandon McCurdy

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