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Twelve Ways You Can Encourage Your Church

by Dr. Kenneth Kuykendall

1. Show Up. Sometimes just being in your place is the biggest blessing. Someone said to me years ago, “Preacher, God hasn’t called me to do anything but be a member.” I responded by saying, “Well, be faithful in that until He gives you further instructions.” C’mon, did you think I would leave this one off?

2. Bring Someone with You. You don’t have to wait until some “Big Day” at the church to invite friends and family. Just imagine the growth our churches would experience if every member brought just one person a week with them to worship.

3. Do More than Tip. Ministry is not about money, but it takes money to do ministry. Don’t be a casual, occasional giver. Give the Lord His portion and then some. Seek to give above and beyond at various times throughout the year and see if God will bless you or not-I’m here to tell you, you cannot out-give God!

4. Pray. I know that sounds cliché, but this is perhaps the greatest way to encourage your local assembly. Make it a daily habit to pray for the pastor, the staff, the ministries, the missionaries. Pray for revival, for growth, for spiritual power.

5. Involve Yourself in Ministry. Don’t sit back and think someone else will do it. Every person should be serving in some area of the local church. God did not call us to be onlookers or spectators. Roll up your sleeves, and get with it. Show up for Sunday School, clean a bathroom, paint an office, drive a bus, teach a class, get in the choir…there is plenty to be done.

6. Love on the Youth. One of the greatest investments you can make to your local church is to love the young people. Encourage them and show them Jesus in your life. Let them know that you care, and that you are thankful for their place in the church.

7. Worship with a Thankful Heart. Don’t just show up, show up with a ready heart to worship. One of the greatest problems we have in this generation is dry, cold, religion. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Raise your hands, lift your voice, say “Amen” get ready to praise, honor, and worship the King of kings!

8. Live Right. The worst thing you can do for your church is to bring a reproach by the way you live. Refuse to adopt the secular principles of our day. Be holy, be separated, be compassionate, be kind, and be Christ-like, not just on Sunday mornings!

9. Stay Positive. Everyone knows there are nuances in any congregation that you may or may not like. Don’t major in the minor. If someone is off in the choir, be thankful you have ears to hear them. If you don’t like the items in the prayer breakfast, just be thankful you were invited. Staying positive is the key to a healthy church.

10. Be Friendly to Guests. Everyone likes to go where they feel welcomed. If I go ANYWHERE and feel like I am unwanted, it makes me not want to go back. Shouldn’t the House of God be a place to see friendly, smiling faces? Make it your goal to reach out to 5 people do not know and make them feel like they are the honored guest. Your church will be blessed because more than likely your kindness will bring them back.

11. Come Early. This is different from “showing up.” Getting there early shows an eagerness to worship. It gives you an opportunity to greet others you may not normally greet. It affords you the chance to help in getting things ready for the day. If you are in leadership, it is even a greater necessity that you come early.

12. Be a Soul-Winner. Leave gospel tracts, knock on doors, and tell others about Jesus. A healthy, happy church is a church that is soul-conscious. Always be ready to share your faith, and then point them in the direction of the local church.

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  1. Wow, this is very well written, very good basic common sense that evey pastor or lay member needs to read and reflect. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My first time on this site also, I kinda have heard
    some of these but it was good to be enlightened again on some of them. I do a monthly news letter in my church every month, I sure would like to post in our news letter if I can have permission to use these 12 things you have listed.


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