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Why Radical Islam Is a Myth

"Many people, especially in the Western world, are trying to justify Islam by stating that the very name means "peace;"..."

Let’s Both Forgive

"Someone very dear to me who had been my friend for years launched a brief but fierce attack my way..."

The Mystery of Romance

"The mystery of romance is the story of redemption, grace, and the church."

You Are Enough

"At what point in our lives did we decide we are not enough?"

A Time For Parenting

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”

I Have Seen Thy Tears

"...God’s mention of the anguished expression of voice and tears is not an isolated concept."

Be Like Chocolate, Not Like Tofu!

"Do we flavor our own lives, or let others do it for us?"

A Good Thing

"In order to be a good thing..., we must STAY a good thing!"

God Is Crazy About You!

"God has perfect love for you; He is crazy about you!"

The Stones We Throw – Guarding Against Seeing Only the Bad...

"Being the lookout for everyone else's failures is not the barometer of our spiritual maturity."

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