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Do It The Right Way When Helping Others

by Steve Lawrence

Did you ever wonder why we have the story of the GOOD Samaritan and not the RIGHTEOUS Samaritan?

First a little clarity: The word Good is so over used it has lost its way, we tend to think in terms of nice, charming and attractive – look at how we use GOOD:

Competence – good at math

Reliability – good brakes

Strength – good eyesight

Kindness – good of you to visit

Moral excellence – good deeds

Behavior – good child

Enjoyment – good birthday party

Thoroughness – gave the clothes a good washing

Large number – good group of people here

Beneficial – milk is good for you

Freshness – the meat is good

Worthiness – George is a good man

Favor – have a good day

Originally good (goodness) speaks to the essence of something or someone; it is a stern virtue, showing zeal for truth and right, correcting as well as encouraging. It boils down to this: Motive must be right before we call the actions good.

“Goodness is indicative of a perfect balance in various parts of the personality, A good man is a balanced man, a man in whom everything that is noble and excellent works harmoniously together.”*

Ex 33:18-19, Moses (with the 10 Commandments in his hand) asks to see God’s glory. God replies I will show you my “Goodness.” It was more important for Moses to see grace and mercy. No one sees God’s glory in this life.

Ex. 34:5-7, Gives a fuller definition. He is abundant goodness expressed in Mercy, Graciousness, Patience, Forgiveness, Long-suffering. God defines GOODNESS.

Did you ever wonder why Jesus gave us the story about the GOOD Samaritan and not the RIGHTEOUS Samaritan? He actually used the example of to “righteous” people who walked by the wounded man.

By definition a good person must possess right living. It was motivations in the hearts that day that compelled only one man (the good one) to stop and help the wounded man.

Think about Romans 5. Paul is discussing that we are neither righteous nor good but God died for us anyway. In verse 7 he makes a keen differentiation, “For a righteous man people probably wouldn’t die, but for a good man some would die.

To help illustrate consider: Blueberries and Currants. Both are good for health. But the guy who owns a blueberry farm makes more money than the Currant farm. Why? Because the Blueberry is goodness. They taste delicious and they are right for you. Currants are right for you but they are harsh and bitter. Most people will choose to eat a blueberry over a current.

We know people who “always” right, never break the rules but chances are you don’t feel like dying for them. However there are people who have shown you goodness: they are kind, generous, they go beyond just being right they do good things.

The story of Good Samaritan was prompted by a guy who was trying to justify himself. The point of the story was two righteous people walked by but the GOOD Samaritan help the wounded and robbed man.

Do the right thing the right way! It is the “right way” of doing things that gives us the most heartburn. Because it demands we care about someone else.

Oh my goodness.

by Steve Lawrence

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