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Do You Have Rest In Your Life?

by CW Kennedy

1 Chronicles 6:31

And these are they whom David set over the service of song in the house of the LORD, after that the ark had rest.

Having the Ark of God in the life of the Israelite represented having God’s presence in their life. It was something that they wanted. The Ark of God was very precious to the Israelites because God blessed them when the Ark was with them. Whenever they would go to battle, they would take the Ark with them. It was very important! When King David left it with Obededom the Gittite for three months, God greatly blessed Obededom and his house. When David brought back the Ark, he brought it back to its permanent location which indicated and signified the Ark having rest.

The thought for today is simple, when the Ark had rest from moving around, that signified that Israel was home…the home that God had promised them. I know many christians that keep moving the presence of God around in their life and therefor, they have no rest. Those who rebel from the priniciples and truths found in the Word of God have no rest because they keep changing what God is and move His presence in their life. They justify their wrong doing by saying “God knows my heart.” And in doing that, they fail to realize that the “rest” that God wants to give them becomes very illusive because they are trying to do things their way instead of God’s way. If you find that you need rest, do what King David did and bring God’s presence to live with you permanently. It will be the start of peaceful living that God wants to give you.

by CW Kennedy

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