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Cotton-Candy Theology

by Dr. Kenneth Kuykendall

Not long ago I went to Golden Corral with my family. My children were ecstatic to learn the restaurant now serves cotton-candy on the buffet. They came back with an arm-full of the “sugary-cloud-on-a-stick.” They began devouring the stuff, but it didn’t take them long until they started getting sick. Just a few bites of cotton-candy and they were ready to throw up (pardon the expression).

As I watched them consume the cotton-candy I thought about the kind of religion we are serving up today as men of God- it is very similar to today’s theology:

1. Cotton Candy has a Sensational Appearance.

When it comes to the main food groups let’s admit it, cotton-candy is pretty impressive.  It comes on a stick (who can’t resist any type of food on a stick), it has vibrant, fun colors, and it takes up a lot of space.  Many preachers “package” their sermons in a very slick, larger-than-life appearance these days.  I have heard some sermons where it was obvious that someone spent more time on their slide presentation than they did in their study preparation. (Ouch that hurt)

2. Cotton Candy is Sweet

You have to admit it- everyone likes cotton-candy, at least everyone I know.  The reason being is that it is so sweet.  It is primarily composed of sugar.  It can give you a very quick high, make you feel good, and put a smile on your face.  Most sermons I hear these days are composed and concocted using the same elements looking for the same results.  I am the first to admit, we need more positive preaching and positive people in our world; but not at the expense of denying the truth.  The world needs to hear about sin, hell, and the judgment of God; but instead we spend a lot of time trying to make people feel good, accepted and relevant.  Those in hell will never dismiss your sweetness for Scripture! (Ouch, that hurt too).

3. Cotton Candy is Mostly Air

(No need of explanation- ouch, that really hurt)

4. Cotton Candy Cannot Sustain You

It did not take very long until my children were sick of cotton-candy.  When I allowed them to have as much as they wanted they initially were excited but after a few trips to the buffet they were sick.  As they devoured their cotton candy I slowly cut my sirloin steak (well, glory!), and savored each bite.  The steak was a little tougher, and didn’t have all the fancy colors as the cotton-candy, but I left the restaurant full.

There is a famine today of Bible preaching, and during a famine people will eat anything, including cotton-candy theology.  This is the reason we are producing “converts” who are not serious, sanctified, separated, and in many cases not even saved.  We preachers must proclaim the depths of the Word of God.  Our people may not always like the taste, but they will certainly walk away more spiritually satisfied!

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