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10 Difficult Things to Avoid When Ministering to Others

by Christian Penn

We often find ourselves in situations with others where we allow self to replace principles. It is not that what we interject is bad in and of itself but it perhaps is not what the person needs to hear. We make a statement that we ought not make or give advice that may not be what that person needs.

Let’s face it, as humans we cannot help but have our own experiences to be in our minds as we minister to others. As servants of the Lord it is imperative that self not taint the influence we have. That is not to say that these things cannot help us with ministering to others but in the flesh they can also hurt us. We must be wise and prayerful that self does not get in the way of the Spirit.

Here are a few examples.

1. Your own opinions. We all have then and ours are not always right.

2. Your own hurtful experiences. Yes, we have been hurt so we better not carry that into our ministry.

3. Your own biases. Yes you do have them. You better figure out what they are and get them under control.

4. Your own expectations. Dangerous! Beware. Unfair expectations lead to disappointment with people and places.

5. Your own standards. Good for you. Live them…humbly! Enforce them on others…rarely.

6. Your own baggage. Check it at the door and don’t unpack it on the people.

7. Your own disappointments. Yes you have been let down. Well, it is not their fault. Don’t take it out on them.

8. Your own personality. We all have our unique one. Be a blender and fit in with people instead of requiring them to fit in with you.

9. Your own ideas. Share them and listen to others. Theirs may be better.

10. Your own agenda. Danger! Danger! Danger! Your agenda just may conflict with God’s.

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