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Why Are We Trading Holy Living For A Hollywood Brand Of Christianity?

Where did our spiritual discernment go?

There was a time in our churches when the level of spiritual discernment was high. Older men and women exercised spiritual discernment as they counseled the younger generation in the principles of God’s Word! Pastors and church leaders were discerning as they watched over and led the flock of God. Sadly, spiritual discernment is a novelty today. Welcome to the Laodicean church age where God has to counsel His church to buy eye salve to anoint their eyes that they might see!!! – Revelation 3

Where does spiritual discernment come from? While the “discerning of spirits” was a sign gift in Apostolic times, the completion of the Word of God removed the necessity for all sign gifts. Spiritual discernment comes from reading, studying, memorizing, and meditating upon the truths of God’s Word! The more we study God’s Word, the more discerning we become. Likewise, the less value that is placed on Bible study, the more shallow our discernment will be.

The most effective way to recognize the counterfeit is to study the truth. Our generation has lost the ability to recognize counterfeit pastors, preaching, music, holiness, and worship. While some have traded worship for dead, cold formalism, others have substituted human emotion for spiritual worship! We have traded Holy living for a Hollywood brand of plastic Christianity.

Our churches have become “show and tell” and it is showing and telling on us to God! It burdens me greatly that we have settled for shallow shadows of the Presence and Power of God instead of the depths of the riches of the knowledge of God!

Where has spiritual discernment gone? It disappeared with our study habits. I challenge each of my readers this morning: Discipline yourself to have a daily Bible study, and passionately study the Word of God!

by James Ruckman

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