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Is Now The Accepted Time?

Let us go out and talk to men urgently, and tell them that "now is the accepted time."

Praying for Leaders

"...some seem to believe that the duty of the church in prayer is to pray against our leaders, even to the point of praying for liberals to die..."

I Have Seen Thy Tears

"...God’s mention of the anguished expression of voice and tears is not an isolated concept."

Why Do We Allow This One Sin To Keep Happening In...

by Jonathan Hawks I am guilty and I must confess. I do so with the hope that my openness will encourage others.  Of what am...

Are You Leading Prayer At The End Of Soulwinning

There are several ways to do this, but you must try to get them to pray. If he is really ready, say, “Could I pray for you, and while I pray, would you pray and ask God to save you today?”

Why We Need To Stop Asking God To Bless America

The United States of America is the greatest nation on the face of the earth. It is the nation I was born in, the nation I grew up in, the nation I was educated in, the nation I live in.

Claim The Power Of God Before Going Soulwinning

Now I think basically that when a person goes to win souls, he should spend his time winning souls. I had a secretary once who came to work about nine o’clock every morning, then she wanted to spend the first two hours praying.

We’re Commanded To Pray, So Let’s Get Started

THE example of our Lord in the matter of prayer is one which his followers might well copy. Christ prayed much and he taught much about prayer. His life and his works, as well as his teaching, are illustrations of the nature and necessity of prayer. He lived and labored to answer prayer.

The Beginning Of Revivals Begins With Prayer

IT has been said that the history of revivals is the history of religion, and no one can study their history without being impressed with their mighty influence on the destiny of the race. To look back over the progress of the divine kingdom upon earth is to review revival periods which have come like refreshing showers upon dry and thirsty ground, making the desert to blos­som as the rose, and bringing new eras of spiritual life and activity just when the church had fallen under the influence of the apathy of the times, and needed to be aroused to a new sense of her duty and responsibility.

Resources Available To You For Praying

The preceding chapter closed with the statement that prayer can do anything that God can do. It is a tremendous statement to make, but it is a state­ment borne out by history and experience. If we are abiding in Christ—and if we abide in him we are living in obedience to his holy will—and approach God in his name, then there lie open before us the infinite resources of the divine treasure house.

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