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Forsaken but Not Forgotten

"Someone once told me, 'The ministry is all about people.' I could not agree more, but the devil is a master of taking what we have done to help others and using it to hurt us."

20 Ways to Help Bridge the Gap Between the Pastor...

"We have the God-given role of building a bridge between the man of God and his people."

Pastor, We See You

"To the preachers and pastors out there who work and love their people tirelessly, please know that we the church folks—we the laypeople—see you!"

The Harlot of Contemporary Christianity

"Sin will always get us in some way and somehow when we compromise; it will destroy our lives."

3 Sure Ways To Kill A Church

All of us have heard of the tragic results when doctors make a mistake and give the patient the wrong injection or pills.

Leaving The Ministerial Juniper Tree

By Dr. James Rasbeary Pastor, Lighthouse Baptist Church, Wylie, TX 1 Kings 19:3-8 And when he saw that, he arose, and went for his life, and...

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