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Training Children with a Purpose

"Do we really live our lives with a purpose? What is your purpose? What is God’s purpose for you?"

Am I Really Yielded to God’s Commandments?

"When we find ourselves in a similar situation of not obeying God’s commandments..., what should we do?"

Character Clothing

"...strength and honor are the virtues or traits that the virtuous woman should select out of this spiritual wardrobe and 'put on' when she gets up in the morning."

The Worst Thing About Gossip Is…

"The very worst thing that gossip does is NOT what it does to me or others..."

God Is Already in Our Tomorrows

"Though it has not been easy, nor do I expect it to be, I am learning daily to concentrate on the here-and-now and to let God take care of my tomorrows..."

She Worketh Willingly with Her Hands

"The Lord wants each of us to work hard with a willing heart."

Holy and Beloved

"The way I treat those around me should not depend on THEIR worthiness, but on HIS!"

The Safest Place For Our All To Be

"Giving God our all is the safest place for our all to be!"

Speech: Treasures of the Heart Revealed

"As our speech is a reflection of our true character, our words reveal the REAL us."

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Cleaning out Confusion

The room was one of confusion, fear and despair. The writings, pictures, posters spoke of depression, suicide, anger and as I said confusion.