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The Heart of a Church Revealed

"Someone once rightly stated, 'The local church is Christ's mirror, reflecting His heartbeat to a lost and dying world.' If we want to examine a church, we must take a careful look at what it actually believes."

3 Sure Ways To Kill A Church

All of us have heard of the tragic results when doctors make a mistake and give the patient the wrong injection or pills.

11 Tips To Prepare Your Family For Sunday Morning

Sunday morning for the average Christian family that is preparing to go to church is a wonderfully spiritual time of peaceful tranquility...NOT!!

The Falacy of “Family First” In The Ministry

I will admit…I struggled with this passage of Scripture. At first, it was a battle to accept the Sovereignty of God. Here was Ezekiel doing his best to obey God in a time when very few were doing so. Ezekiel was doing his best to get God’s Word to a wayward Israel so that they might repent.

The Importance Of The Church

For some while there has been discussion about the irrelevancy of the church. Some think the church has outlived its usefulness. Sad to say, often this observation is true. In reaction to this attitude, others have relegated the church to the position of a mere social agency. They have fashioned the church to meet social needs.

Why Have Preaching When You Can Have Great Singing!

To me it seems in the Churches that not Preaching but Singing has become the number one draw to get people into the churches. Now days if a Preacher cannot sing he is not much in demand. Now days Preachers have learned to sing before they Preach or while Preaching break into a song,then the crowd will jump and squeal like they got fire ants in their pants.

What Does It Mean To Be An “Independent” Baptist?

By Dr. James Rasbeary I am an independent Baptist preacher and pastor an independent Baptist church. First and foremost, I am a Baptist in doctrine and practice....

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