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Beware of the Riptide!

"In the Christian life,...we can easily become complacent about our vulnerability to the devil’s riptide."

How to Increase Your Greatness

"God will use suffering to increase our greatness...Our griefs and tough times became someone else’s encouragement."

Tackling the Troubles that Target Timothys- CASH

"It should never be the Christian who is wringing his hands over the prospect of insufficient provision. God always provides for His people!"

Are You a Sideline Christian?

"In conclusion, to all who stand by while those of us who are 'lesser' fight your battles, there is a reason why you scrutinize us...criticize us...judge us. The reason is because you have remained on the sidelines while others have joined the battle."

The Spiritual Youth Group

"We should strive to have spiritual youth groups that honor Christ!"

The Law of Kindness: Words Matter

"Is the law of kindness in effect in our lives as Christian ladies? Does kindness set the standard for what we allow ourselves to say...?"

Beware of the Strongholds

"Strongholds can be so resilient that some will give up on church, and eventually give up on God in order to keep them."

David’s Old Weapons

"I am convinced...that the New Testament church had better trade her new weapons for the old weapons upon which our country and our churches were built."

How Should You Respond When You Get Offended?

"...the big question for us to ask ourselves is this, 'When I get offended, how will I respond?'"

Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

"The truth of this is incredibly important for evangelism. If we are all worshiping the same God, why does it matter if details of our beliefs are a bit different?"

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