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Should Kids Get To Decide If They Go To Church?

by Art Kohl

Why should your children be told by some doctor or dentist that they should brush and floss their teeth daily? These experts are not a part of your family. Who do these professionals think they are, telling your children what to do? Do not make your kids brush, floss, or go for checkups, parents. Let your children decide!

Needless to say, I’m being facetious. What would you think of me if I continued to say things like:

Do not make your children go to bed, let them decide.
Do not make your children eat good food, let them decide.
Do not make your children wash their hair, let them decide.

I wish I had a dollar for every parent I heard say, “I’m not going to make my children go to church, I’m going to let them decide.”Click To Tweet

What is more valuable, your child’s teeth or their soul?

Which is eternal?

Why are we so nearsighted with our children’s existence? They will spend eternity somewhere.

Consider some Scriptures of parental instruction from God:

“But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14)

“Even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish.” (Matthew 18:14)

“And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children.” (Isaiah 54:13)

by Art Kohl

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