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Say Not

by Mrs. CT Studd

In the early 1920s, while her husband CT Studd was in the heart of Africa, Mrs. Studd was back in England answering letters, gathering
missionaries for Africa, and helping her husband as much as she could from afar. As a way to help recruit workers for the “Heart of Africa Mission,” Mrs. Studd wrote several missionary pamphlets. Here is one such pamphlet:

Say not–Is the thing possible?
But–God is omnipotent!

Say not–Look what I’d lose!
But–See what I’d gain!

Say not–Have I the wisdom?
But–Am I a fool? (1 Cor. 3:18).

Say not–I might lose my life!
But–I must save their souls!

Say not–Should I leave my possessions?
But–Christ’s my inheritance!

Say not–Is it the right time?
But–Christ’s coming soon!

Say not–What salary shall I draw?
But–The Bible’s my check book!

Say not–I fear the hardships!
But–I shall reign if I suffer!

Say not–Who’s on the Committee?
But–God’s our Director!

Say not–Shall I not starve?
But–God feeds the birds!

Say not–I have no talents!
But–Christ is my wisdom!

Say not–Have I the faith?
But–Doubting is sin!

Say not–I am not eloquent!
But–Who made man’s mouth?

Say not–I don’t want to be fanatical!
But–Make me a flame of fire!

Say not–I am a doctor. Who’ll build and support my hospital?
But–I trust God for all!

Say not–I fear the devil!
But–With the sling of faith and a smooth stone from the Book, I’ll
knock Goliath’s head off!

Say not–Good-bye (in tears), I’ll soon come back again!
But–I’m off to the Devil’s Den to turn the Devil out! How lucky I am!
I’ve got my “Blue” at last! Certainly I am to be congratulated. Thanks
awfully! Adieu!

Up, for this is the day: is not the Lord gone out before thee?”
Up! Up! Ye Baraks.
Up! Up! Ye Deborahs.
Up! Up! to this work of the Lord.

Taken from “With C.T. Studd In Congo Forests” by Norman Grubb, Chapter 27.

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