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Being A Polite Sinner

by Ken Blue

Not all lost people are rude or impolite. Some are quiet, kind, and unoffending. During my 40 years of pastoring, I have knocked on literally hundreds of doors in the Lynnwood area. I have encountered just about every reaction imaginable on those visits.

I have had people who opened the door, and before I could say one word, they  yelled, “NO, we don’t want any.” On other occasions, when I introduced the church, and myself they told me where to go, and it wasn’t heaven. Then I have had some who listened briefly, and then slam the door. In every case, I was shut out, and left standing alone on the porch.

However, there was one experience I will never forget. It happened just a few blocks from the church. I knocked on the door, and a very polite lady came to the door. I introduced myself, gave her a piece of literature about our church. She smiled, and thanked me for it. I ask for permission to ask her a question, which she gave.

I ask her if she knew for sure she would go to heaven when she died. She responded, “I believe we make our on heaven or hell right here on earth.” I then ask, “Which are you in?” See assured me that this was not heaven. She then thanked me for the invitation; she smiled, and gently shut the door. As all the others mentioned above, I was still shut out and standing on the porch alone.

I’ve met a few like her. They are polite sinners, but they have no time for Jesus Christ, or the gospel. They just gently close the door, and shut Him out. Regardless of the attitude, the end result is all the same. Christ is rejected because they haven’t time for Him.

What about you? Are you just a well-mannered, polite sinner? Politeness and spirituality are two different things. You may not curse Jesus; you just don’t have time for Him. Well, let me say as politely as I know how, those of you who have no time for Jesus, will find at the judgment, He will have no time for you, and He will not be polite.

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