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7 Habits For Good Choir Members

by Evangelist Byron Foxx: I love and admire God’s choir directors! After serving in church music ministries for over thirty years, I like to find ways to be helpful to these music leaders. So here are some ideas that choir directors may wish to print, post, or distribute to their choir members.

 All good choir directors say these things, but perhaps I have stated them in a slightly different way that you may find helpful.

1. Always be on time, or preferably be early. There is not a good excuse for being late to every rehearsal!

2. Have a pencil ready to mark your music from the director’s instructions. Spell musical terms as correctly as possible. (Can you spell Crescendo?)

3. Limit your talking during the choir rehearsal.Directors know that you will talk a little, but discipline yourself to be courteous to your choir director. It is frustrating to have conversations going on while trying to rehearse!

4. Encourage your choir director. A note or small gift (such as homemade cookies) can show your gratitude!

5. Let your choir director know when you will be absent. You are important, and it helps in planning to know when members will be absent from a rehearsal or service.

6. Work to improve as a musician. Strive for excellence.

7. Pray for your pastor and choir director daily. We all need the blessings of the Lord!

[box]By Evangelist Byron Foxx[/box]

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