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How to Rise Above the Drama and Live for God

"Our world is filled with drama and distraction. We must never allow these things to come between us and God. We can rise above it all with God’s help."

Keep Thy Heart with All Diligence in Social Media Use

"Social media can have a sinful effect on our hearts and minds, thus leading to issues in our lives..."

Social Media Purge

"It is sad but amazing to realize how many use social media to perpetuate Satan’s messages.Most of them probably did not realize just how much Satan had manipulated them. We must apply biblical principles to decide whom we would allow as friends on social media."

Media Derangement Syndrome

"...the inability to sit still is quite tragic. The failure to develop quiet contentment is inhumane."

What To Do When Social Media Becomes More Important Than Family...

The American family has been under satanic attack for the past several decades. With the invention of the television to the technology we have available to us today the face of the traditional family has changed.

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8 Things A Christian Should Hate

General Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, once said he feared the day when the Salvation Army would have a salvation without regeneration, faith without repentance, and Heaven without Hell. He could have added “love without hate,” for it is impossible to have true love without hate.