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Beware of the Riptide!

"In the Christian life,...we can easily become complacent about our vulnerability to the devil’s riptide."

The Battle of the Eyes

  by Jonathan Painter The eyes are the gateway to the heart of men. What men see will eventually affect the way their hearts turn. Job 15:12...

What Does the Cross Mean to You?

"What does the cross mean to you? Is it just a decoration in your eyes?"

God’s Forgiveness For Those Who Confess

Is there any hope for those who, after having accepted Christ as Lord and Savior, have fallen back into sin? No sin is too small or too big that it does not need forgiveness. Perhaps you were rude to a clerk at the store; maybe you told a little ‘white lie’; or maybe you have a sinful habit like looking with lust toward others either in the movies or on your computer.

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