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How The Devil Tries To Discredit The Word Of God

This verse is pointing to the fact that the Bible cannot be permanently corrupted, it cannot be permanently altered because it lives and abides forever. Someone would say that this only applies to the Word of God as it is in heaven and therefore when it says it liveth and abideth forever that’s talking about the Word of God as it is in Heaven.

Strong Women In The Bible

Sometimes, I’m afraid, Christian women have the mindset that spiritual strength is just for men. Yes, our husbands are to be the spiritual leaders in our homes, but that does not mean that women are not to grow in the Lord as well.

9 Reasons The Bible Is an Offensive Book

Examine the Holy Scriptures closely and you will see that although God’s offer of forgiveness of sins and eternal life is free and simple, it is also very offensive to mankind. God’s offer is offensive to man’s pride, intellect, will, morality, self-esteem, self-righteousness, self-image, and religion.

Don’t Just Repeat What You Heard – Get To Know The...

This unusual verse tucked away in the back corner of Ecclesiastes is interesting to say the least, and if applied might just change the way we conduct ourselves.

Why We Still Use The King James Bible

At a time when many churches, Christian leaders and Bible colleges are exchanging the KJV for newer Bible versions, why don’t we?

Simple Logic Says to Only Use the KJV

by Jeremy T.K. Farley The King James vs. N.I.V. debate is, by now, a generations old debate that has seemed to define the fundamental Baptist...

Why I Returned To My Leather-Bound Bible

  by James Rasbeary One year ago, I took a step forward in my technological evolution when I was given an iPad for Christmas. This beautiful...

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