Thursday, April 18, 2024

Length Does Not Matter



by Johnny the Baptist

Short sermons dumb down the gospel? If you have a problem with short messages, than you have a problem with our founder, Jesus Christ. I took a stopwatch and timed the parables of Jesus. Their average length? Just 38 seconds. The longest parable? Two minutes, twenty seconds. Christ showed us clearly: it is not the length of the message but its impact that makes a difference in men’s lives.

What do you think? Short sermon or long?

by Johnny the Baptist

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  1. I’ve heard preachers go on for about hr and above and you get some truths and a lot of rabbit chasing and repetition and I’ve heard 30 min sermons preached with such power that have to hit an altar

  2. Lawrence Chaderton one of the translators for the Authorized King James Bible who was described as a grave, pious, and excellent preacher once preached for two hours and when he began to end his message the congregation cried out with one consent- For God’s sake, go on, go on! He then proceeded much longer to their great delight. Evidently modern day Christians don’t love the preaching of the word like they did back then, but they don’t have any problem watching a movie or sports event for 2-3 hours. Sad.


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