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Adventuring Faith

by Lee Roberson

Almost everyone has at some time or other felt an urge to go to lands little known and far away. The call of adventure: to go to strange countries and see strange people, to see scenes entirely different from the scenes of home.

It is this sort of urge that possesses some people and makes of them world travelers. It is from their lips, their books, their pictures of far-away places that we get our knowledge of such places. As some youth looks and listens, often he is filled with a desire for adventure; and someday he starts out. Most of us quench all adventuresome ideas and settle down to everyday living. And, after all, we doubtless would not be willing to pay the price for an adventuring life in distant lands.

But this morning I want to fill you, if I can, with a real desire for adventure-adventure that will take you into little known lands-yet you will not have to leave this city.

To enter these almost unexplored regions will take “Adventuring Faith.” You must have faith to spend and to be spent in order to learn the secrets of these God-given countries. There is nothing compulsory about going into these lands.

Your salvation does not depend upon it. You are saved by grace through faith-this is a matter of launching out into the deep.

Let me give you three almost untouched continents or lands, separate, yet side by side.



Most people are too selfish to enter this land; therefore, it remains unexplored. Many of the wonders and joys of this “selfless land” will never be known.

A. Nations are selfish. Name one nation of the globe which is not motivated by a selfish motive.

B. Individuals are selfish. (Phil.2:21). We live by this motto: EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF.

:C. This “Land of Unselfishness” brings a vision of un-selfishness toward others and toward the Lord. When by faith you enter this land, you cease to think about how little you can give to Him, but how much. Anyone who enters this territory will not have to be persuaded to tithe because the tithe will be just the beginning of unselfish, willing giving.



Prayer is one of the mightiest forces in this universe, but so few have entered the Land of Believing Prayer. Some pray but have little faith.

But you say, “So many prayers are unanswered.” That is true, and the reasons for unanswered prayers are not hard to find. Sometimes we do not pray according to His will. God may have something better for us in His plans. We must pray according to His will.

Sometimes sin in our lives cuts off answers to our prayers. You pray but your heart is not right before God. “Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:

“But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.”

Too many times we lack faith in prayer. This materialistic world makes us doubt God and prayer.

One of our greatest inventions is the radio. We can sit in our homes and listen to words spoken in London, Berlin and Rome, thousands of miles away. Understand radio? No, but I know it is so.

And we know something else: the same God who made and set in motion the forces by which radio operates can hear the prayers of His children when they call on Him. Christ told us to “ask” and “seek” and “knock”. Surely Me didn’t say these things to mock us. Someone has said it is good, spiritual exercise to pray; and if you never get anything, it is still good for you. But surely Christ would not mock us in that way. When you pray, know that ye receive.

Adventuring faith is needed to walk into the “Land of Believing Prayer.” Great and wondrous things have come from those who have adventured by faith into this land.

Christian, why don’t you try it?


The other lands you enter will bring you hardships and a recompense of contentment and victory; but when you enter this field, your difficulties will be multiplied; but your joy will be beyond measure.

Just three important bits of equipment you need: (1) a love for the Christ who saved you; (2) a love for lost souls; (3) a Bible knowledge sufficient to point a man to Christ.

Christians can be divided generally into two groups: Those who follow Cain who said, “. . Am I my brother’s keeper?” In this group are Christians who feel no burden for the lost, or if they feel a burden, cast it aside and live for self. The other group is that which follows the Apostle Paul who said, “Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israelis, that they might be saved.” (Rom. 10:1).

When we come to walk in this Land of Soul Winning, we bid self-interest good-by and concern ourselves with others and their salvation. We pray for them, live before them so they will see Christ, and talk to them at every opportunity about their salvation.

So few people have entered this land. So few want to enter. But when you do, be prepared for great and exciting adventure. Some of you men like to fish. The thrill and adventure of fishing repays you for lost sleep, long trips, etc. But the adventure of fishing for lost men, bringing them to Christ, will exceed all joys of other things.

Why not set a goal for yourself to speak to one person each day? Venture by faith into this territory, unknown to so many Christians. Each day you will find a person somewhere, a person who says, “I’m not a Christian.” Will you witness to him or her?

Adventuring faith. Let it take hold of you now. LAUNCH OUT INTO THE DEEP!

Lost friend, the greatest experience of your life awaits you- when you come to Christ. The Christian life is an adventure that never loses its thrill.

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