Why Do We Use The King James Bible?

Why do we use the King James Bible? Have you ever wondered why many are rejecting the modern versions of the Bible and turning to the pure Word of God?

What if we told you that the KJV was the only true Word of God? All of the newer versions are leaving out vital information that is key to you understanding God’s word.  Why would you want a Bible that leaves what God originally wrote out?

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Many argue they are easier to read, while others just stick with something they’ve been using all their life.

While these reasons make you comfortable in your decision, if you’re using a version of the Bible that has taken words and phrases out, are you really using a Bible?  Many of the newer versions have distorted what God originally said in order to give you a more “reader-friendly” experience when reading the Bible.  I don’t know about you, but when I read the Bible, I want to know that what I’m reading is what God said and not what an editor somewhere says they think God said.


Why I Returned To My Leather-Bound Bible

Logic Must Prove The King James Bible

Introduction to the King James Bible

In this course, learn the foundation of why the KJV is the Word of God for English speaking people. Learn why the KJB is inspired, preserved, and perfect (without error).  This course deals with the “only originals are inspired” heresy and shows you the correct way to find the definition of Bible words without using a corrupt Greek lexicon.  You’ll also be given a short history of the English Bible and learn why all the new versions cannot be trusted.

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  1. I love your articles and most crucially they hit me where it hurts. Your article on bible reading from the real bible and yes the kjv are badly needed today and until the Lord returns

  2. You act like the KJB is not a product of textual criticism. You are historically ignorant. You may hate the fact, you may deny the fact, but the truth is, not one Greek manuscript of the New Testamant, before the advent of the printing press, is identical with the other. When the printed Greek editions came about, Erasmus, Stephanus, and Beza…all of whom the KJV 1611 translators used…all engaged in textual criticism.

    You see, textual criticism, at its core is simply determinining, between variant readings, which one is right. Erasmus, Stephanus, Beza, and, yes, the King James translators, engaged in textual criticism. And so what of the fact that in the book of Revelation, there are readings in the KJV that are not found in ANY Greek manuscript before Erasmus? And what about the variant readings in the margin of the KJV1611? Why are some of those readings now in the current KJV (the 1769 Blayney edition…NOT the KJV 1611 as so many KJV-onlyists say).

    Yes, the KJV is a result of textual criticism. Sorry to burst your bubble. But unlike the much-berated modern editions, who tell you their basic rules and reasoning, we really don’t know so much about WHY Erasmus, Beza, Stephanus, and yes, the KJV translators chose the readings they did.

    Am I an enemy of the KJV? No. If you like it, and you read it, then I say it’s the best…you have the Word of God in your hands…just as you do if you read an ESV, NASB, MEV, CSB, and (gasp) NIV. I’m simply saying it has the same “problems” as modern translations…you hold up the KJV as the perfect standard with no acknowledgement of how it came about or what its very excellent translators said.

    The only way your theories work is if the KJV 1769 Blayney edition dropped out of the sky, completely reinspired by God. Then you have to say that we didn’t have the Bible before that…and maybe God can’t preserve His word (which I don’t believe, but paired with the real evidence and your theories, that’s really the only conclusion we can come up with).

    Basically, in holding up one archaic translation and mad-mouthing the modern ones, you are blaspheming the Word of God.

  3. Burke, like all those that call God Almighty a liar and say we have no perfect Bible today are the ones blaspheming the Word of God, not Authorized King James Bible believers. God promised he would preserve his Word in Psalm 12:6-7 and Psalm 117:2 declares that: The truth of the Lord endureth for ever. In Matthew 24:35 Jesus said: Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away, and Isaiah 40:8 says: The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand forever. Therefore those that say we have no perfect Bible today are boldly calling God a liar because he promised to preserve his Word and keep it from passing away.

    Now lets look at common sense reasons why the Authorized King James Bible Is God’s Word and should be used exclusively. First is it’s record in bearing godly fruit. For over 400 years it has gotten the job done and millions of souls have been saved through its preaching. No new version even comes close, and as a matter of fact the church and society both have gone downhill since the appearance and use of the new versions.

    Next, the proliferation of so many different versions of the Bible has brought about confusion and disunity in Christianity, and the Bible tells us that God is not the author of confusion (1Corinthians 14:33). When you go to school you all have the same textbook. Why? To avoid confusion. Even so, all Christians should use the same Bible to avoid confusion. Those that use new versions don’t have THE Bible, they have A bible. Only those that use the Authorized King James have THE Bible. (There can be only one true Bible, not many!)

    I would say that if you asked Burke if he believed the miracles in the Bible, like many professing Christians that deny we have a perfect Bible today he would say yes, yet he doesn’t even believe that God can give, keep, and preserve his own Word!!! Folks, if we don’t have a perfect Bible today, then we might as well forget it all, and sit down, and stay at the house, but thank God, God is true to his word, and we do have a perfect Bible in the old Authorized King James Bible.

    • The word INSPIRED means God breathed or God spoke. When God spoke to his apostles and prophets, whether audibly or intuitively, He spoke to them in the language they knew and understood. Those original writings are the only inspired words and documents. There’s no such thing as an inspired translation. Atheist love it when people claim such nonsense because the KJV is loaded with contradictions!

      • Inspiration means God breathed. Preservation means he preserved what he breathed. Paul told timothy to: Study to shew thyself approved unto God, then he told timothy that the scriptures he was to study are inspired of God and therefore would throughly furnish him unto all good works. If they somehow lost their inspiration (or power) how could they do that? It is highly doubtful that Timothy had the original manuscripts, so in light of that he no doubt had copies of the scriptures, but they were still considered to be inspired. Atheists love it when professing Christians like James above talk nonsense and attack the Bible. The KJV IS NOT “loaded with contradictions.” The Authorized King James Bible is the perfect, inspired, inerrant, infallible, preserved Word of God. My last post was not printed for some reason so I am posting again.

  4. Mr Burke your like many that would rather uses something thats been corrupted weather you think so or not~~The KJV was made for the english speaking language and people..PERIOD!!

    It was good for over 400 years until man thiught they knew more then God did plus Greed as well as they thought Oh ya kaching kaching…

  5. No, atheists love it when PROFESSING Christians attack the Word of God like James Martel. Paul told Timothy in II Timothy 3:16 that all scripture is given by inspiration of God including the ones Timothy was reading. Do you really think Timothy had the originals to read? No, he had copies but they were still inspired! James Martel can go on believing his nonsense that the Bible is full of errors but I will continue to believe the old Authorized King James Bible is the inerrant, infallible, inspired, perfect, preserved Word of the Living God.


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