Why Do We Use The King James Bible?

Why do we use the King James Bible? Have you ever wondered why many are rejecting the modern versions of the Bible and turning to the pure Word of God?

What if we told you that the KJV was the only true Word of God? All of the newer versions are leaving out vital information that is key to you understanding God’s word.  Why would you want a Bible that leaves what God originally wrote out?

Many argue they are easier to read, while others just stick with something they’ve been using all their life.

While these reasons make you comfortable in your decision, if you’re using a version of the Bible that has taken words and phrases out, are you really using a Bible?  Many of the newer versions have distorted what God originally said in order to give you a more “reader-friendly” experience when reading the Bible.  I don’t know about you, but when I read the Bible, I want to know that what I’m reading is what God said and not what an editor somewhere says they think God said.


Why I Returned To My Leather-Bound Bible

Logic Must Prove The King James Bible

Introduction to the King James Bible

In this course, learn the foundation of why the KJV is the Word of God for English speaking people. Learn why the KJB is inspired, preserved, and perfect (without error).  This course deals with the “only originals are inspired” heresy and shows you the correct way to find the definition of Bible words without using a corrupt Greek lexicon.  You’ll also be given a short history of the English Bible and learn why all the new versions cannot be trusted.

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