by Christian Penn

What an amazing past few days we have all just experienced. Since the monumentally blunderous decision made by our Supreme Court the internet has been ablaze with articles, arguments and accusations from both sides. Honestly, it has been a difficult time for Bible believers. Some of us are grieving and in the midst of our grief are those “friends” who have decided to dip their sales and celebrate this horrible moment. Over a dozen people have asked my opinion as to how they should deal with their friends who are supporting this decision. Honestly it has been sickening to me to see rainbow profiles all over Facebook and many of you have friends who are now taking the unBiblical position.

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1. Remember that it is they who have abandoned their beliefs not you. Most of them have been taught better, but what are we to expect with the way we have ignored God’s Word in so many areas of our lives?
2. Do not argue. They are not going to argue based upon what the Bible says. I have heard some of the most ludicrous arguments defending same sex marriage that left me scratching my head. Do not get worked up arguing with them.
3. Do not buy into the terms. It is not same sex marriage, it is unnatural marriage. Do not be deceived. It is not about love, it is about license to defy God.
4. Do not unfriend them, unless they become hateful, and some will. Just pray for God to work in their hearts. Let your light shine and your mouth be prudent.
5. Talk about and rejoice in the fact that the Lord is coming soon. My friends why are we surprised at this, and why should we despair? Jesus is coming soon and this is what we knew would happen.
6. Pursue God with all your heart. Make certain that any sin in your own life is confessed so that God can use you as he will to proclaim His Word.
7. Proclaim the Gospel more loudly and clearly than ever. When the Holy Spirit convicts, he first convicts of sin. That is how the Gospel works. “Christ redeemeth sinful men” not self righteous ones. The Gospel will convict.
8. Remember that light shines brightest in darkness. Let your good works be seen not just your words be heard. We must be the light in this dark world in the darkest of times.
9. Accept the privilege of possible persecution with rejoicing. No matter what people say or do to us, do the right thing. As one writer said:
* We will bless you when you curse us.
* We will pray for you when you abuse us.
* We will be kind to you when you are cruel to us.
* We will not retaliate when you ruin us.
* We will be a Good Samaritan to you when you are a road-crosser and other-sider to us.
* We will help you when you’re poor even though you want to impoverish us.
* We will not insult you when you call us bigots.
* We will be the best neighbors you’ve ever had.
* We will love you as much as we love ourselves.

So, there are my personal suggestions. You may or may not agree, but whatever you do, do it unto the glory of God and not as a reaction to what offends you.

by Christian Penn

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  1. Thank you! I love the “We will’s”. They are good reminders of how we should behave to everyone around us regardless of their beliefs. That will do more to open the door for us to witness to them than anything else.

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