Allow me to introduce myself.  I am pastor of the Family Baptist Church in Columbia, TN, and Vice-President of Independent Baptist Online College.   After high school, I became a paratrooper in the army, and after that surrendered to the ministry.  I went to Hyles-Anderson college where I received a bachelor’s and master’s degree and then a doctorate from Texas Baptist College.

After serving as a youth pastor in Lancaster, CA, I moved back to Columbia to start a new church in 1993.  My wife and have 11 children.

I have written a childrearing book and would like to give you a copy for free.  I launched it on Amazon on Monday and it became a #1 best-selling book.

Click here and download it for free. 

It is only free for a couple more days and then it is going up to $11.99.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Feel free to pass this free book on to anyone else that may find it useful.


Pastor David Baker

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