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Ignoring Their Cries for Help

"Today, some of us sit in our comfortable churches, singing our hymns, having fellowship, and listening to our sermons while turning a deaf ear to the cry of the lost around us. We do nothing to make a difference."

Timeless Traits of Spiritual Servants

"There is an endless list of lessons and truths that young people must absorb and implement as they surge forward in the ministry to sustain a lifetime of service."

The Battle of the Eyes

  by Jonathan Painter The eyes are the gateway to the heart of men. What men see will eventually affect the way their hearts turn. Job 15:12...

Earthly Vision is Not 20/20

"Let us acquire the correct prescription from the Word of God and face the decisions of this life with a clear, Spirit-filled vision."

Teaching the First Commandment with Promise: A Challenge to Parents

"If we want to live long, prosperous lives, we must learn to honor our parents...There is an enormous difference between showing honor and truly honoring!"

The Importance of Personal Integrity

"When we stand in front of the mirror tomorrow morning to prepare for the day, will we be looking at an honest Christian? Does the person in the mirror have personal integrity?"

Social Media Purge

"It is sad but amazing to realize how many use social media to perpetuate Satan’s messages.Most of them probably did not realize just how much Satan had manipulated them. We must apply biblical principles to decide whom we would allow as friends on social media."

Steering Through Life’s Storms

"As Christians, the reason that we grow so frustrated is because we are trying to work out our problems and issues all on our own..."

Let Me Be Your Servant

"...Just let me weep when you are sad, And laugh along when you are glad. Just let me be your servant."

Posture of Faith

  by David Bobbitt “Stop slouching!” I do not know how many times I have heard my mother tell me this. It was followed by either, “Sit...

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