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How Should You Respond When You Get Offended?

"...the big question for us to ask ourselves is this, 'When I get offended, how will I respond?'"

Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

"The truth of this is incredibly important for evangelism. If we are all worshiping the same God, why does it matter if details of our beliefs are a bit different?"

Forsaken but Not Forgotten

"Someone once told me, 'The ministry is all about people.' I could not agree more, but the devil is a master of taking what we have done to help others and using it to hurt us."

Dealing with a Hardened Heart

"Let us remember that it does not take rebellion, sin, or backsliding to bring us to the state of a hardened heart."

How Strange Are You?

"I am afraid I am a little more closely related to that strange woman than I used to think."

Grieving the Holy Spirit

"May we search our hearts. Have we been grieving the Spirit? Have we disregarded His presence, denied Him full possession of our lives, disobeyed His commands, or done the things He hates?"

Forsaken but Not Alone: Encouragement for the Single Parent

"If...circumstances have left you the single parent, do not give up! When those circumstances come, you must pull yourself together, move on, and not let it destroy your life or the lives of your children. God’s promises are there for you to claim."

Peter Got Out of the Boat

"Let us keep looking to Jesus as our focus and fervent hope, while responding to his rebukes and rejoicing in His commendations."

Keep Thy Heart with All Diligence in Social Media Use

"Social media can have a sinful effect on our hearts and minds, thus leading to issues in our lives..."

The Heart of a Church Revealed

"Someone once rightly stated, 'The local church is Christ's mirror, reflecting His heartbeat to a lost and dying world.' If we want to examine a church, we must take a careful look at what it actually believes."

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